Fabletics: Youtube Made Me Buy It

I love Youtube. I can learn about virtually anything. I can look up a brand and find a dozen reviews from real people who actually used the product. I can follow certain personalities and get to know them in a personal sort of way without actually knowing them. There are a few Youtubers that I’ve […]

Making The Scran Line Cupcakes : Noms

Hi guys, I know I’ve been doing a few of these remaking the recipe kind of posts but I know that when I’m reading recipes or watching viral food videos I want to know where people cut corners and if it worked out for them. A few months ago my sister and I found The […]

But I bought it : Storytime

Hi guys, so today I thought I’d share this quick anecdote, our neighborhood is still recovering from Hurricane Matthew and it’s been a rough weekend all around… Last night one of my all time favorite youtubers posted a closet sale. She and I are around the same size and I’m in love with the clothes […]