Anastasia : The Broadway Musical

I took my eighteen year old sister to New York City as a her high school graduation present. She had never been to the city and her only request was that we go see Anastasia. As kids, we were both obsessed with the movie. When the movie was put on Netflix we watched it countless […]

Study Abroad : Collegiates

Hi there! I got back from my trip to South Africa last week and let me tell you, jet lag is too real. So, while I decompress, go through all of my pictures, and get caught up on sleep, let me go through my study abroad experience real quick. When I first enrolled at UNF […]

Being Alone : Storytime

So as some of you may or may not know, November has decided that American life was too much for her and has decided to drop out of school and join a family of elephants in South Africa. Kidding. For real though, November is in South Africa for a little under two weeks for her […]

Weekend in Manhattan : Storytime

Hi! Let me start this post by saying that the reason I write any post is because it is something that I would want to read. We’re not really a travel blog but I think that travelling as a college student is a unique experience and I want to write about it, so I will. […]

“Free” Breakfast : Storytime

Hi guys! Eduardo’s turning 21 this weekend *WOO* and I planned out a fantastic trip to New York City for us so this whole weekend we’ll be living it up in The Big Apple! To see how our experience went with the “free breakfast” we were promised by the hotel’s website watch the video and […]

I’m 21! : Storytime

Happy birthday to me! Yay! This Sunday I officially turned 21 years young, what what!? This is the first birthday in a long time that I actually feel excited to be a year older. I don’t know quite what it is, it certainly isn’t the drinking thing, we’ve been drinking in the Dominican and our […]