Target Beauty Box : February 2017

Target Beauty Box : February 2017

The Target beauty box is still available, go grab it while you still can! (As of 2/12/17 @ 10:30pm) If you're as impatient as I am I'll leave a link right about here... Target Beauty Box. I ordered my box on Monday, January 30th and I received it yesterday, February 8th. The boxes generally get [...]


Target Beauty Box : December 2016

Oh my gosh, Christmas has already come and gone and I'm still reeling. Anyone else find it hard to believe that New Year's is literally this week? Anywho, through the madness our Target boxes got delayed and we just got them early last week. I like to keep the subscription boxes for about a week [...]

Holiday Haul

Decorating for the holidays makes me want to pursue a career in interior design... Anyone else feel this way? I decorated hardcore for the fall/halloween season, I had hay bales and pumpkins and creepy lights and candy and broomsticks... The whole nine yards. This past weekend I went shopping to decorate for Christmas/New Year's/winter. I [...]

Dove Dry Shampoo : Review

Hey guys it's me again. Hair products. That's what this post is about, more specifically: dry shampoo. If we're being completely honest, I've always just used whatever hair products happen to be in the shower when I get in it, putting basically no thought about what goes in to my hair. What else is a teenage [...]