We still live at home : Collegiates

We've talked a bit about how we were going to approach the topic of college. Our college experience is pretty unusual, we go to a commuter college (meaning most of our student population lives near campus but not on campus), but we still have typical college experiences and we want to be able to share [...]

No, honey, your name : Storytime

If you've been here, here as in our blog, for a few posts you've probably seen that my name is November. Yes, like the month. Yes, I get that question all the time. So, I figured I would share with the world a few of the common situations I've been in because I have a 'unique' [...]

Blonde? : Storytime

Hey guys, first off, happy Halloween! The only way we celebrate it by watching The Nightmare Before Christmas, how do you celebrate? We went to Disneyworld this past weekend so I could see the Halloween/harvest time decorations and on Friday I did something I never thought I would do, I started the process of going [...]