The End of the Semester : Collegiates

The End of the Semester : Collegiates

Four weeks and two days until it's over... I don't really know when this happened, it feels like yesterday I was buying my textbooks and deciding on which classes to add and drop. I'm feeling a little nervous about it being so close to the end of the semester... Exams are starting to pile up. [...]

First Day… : Collegiates

It's the first day of spring semester 2017! H*ll yeah. The first day is always intimidating, a little bit awkward, and has the potential to be either great or sh*tty. I've already dropped a class (if you hate the first day, you're not going to feel good the rest of the semester), fell in love [...]

Textbooks : Collegiates

Good morning! Welcome to the first post I'm actually writing this year! I thought about doing a resolutions post, or a post about what we got for Christmas but I think that "New Year's Resolutions" are kind of pointless, sorry if you believe in them, and we didn't get anything exciting for Christmas... I thought [...]