Wasted Before Noon : Storytime

Wasted Before Noon : Storytime

I had one of the best trips to Disney this past Saturday! On Friday one of my best friends texted me saying she wanted to go to Disney. We both have annual passes and I wasn't working so we agreed to meet early Saturday morning and go to Disney World! Epcot is currently hosting the [...]

I’m 21! : Storytime

Happy birthday to me! Yay! This Sunday I officially turned 21 years young, what what!? This is the first birthday in a long time that I actually feel excited to be a year older. I don't know quite what it is, it certainly isn't the drinking thing, we've been drinking in the Dominican and our [...]

Blonde? : Storytime

Hey guys, first off, happy Halloween! The only way we celebrate it by watching The Nightmare Before Christmas, how do you celebrate? We went to Disneyworld this past weekend so I could see the Halloween/harvest time decorations and on Friday I did something I never thought I would do, I started the process of going [...]