Working Another 9-5!

Hi guys! Let me explain my absence really quick and then I’ll talk about my decision to shift from working two part-time jobs to one-full time job! I started at my new job this past Monday *woot woot* and I knew that I needed to make this transition as smooth as possible so I made […]

When I Grow Up… : Storytime

When I was younger I distinctly remember knowing exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up. From the age of 5, whenever anyone asked what I would be, I would say, “A developmental psychologist.” Yeah, a little weird for a kid but *shrug* what can I say, I was a weird kid. I […]

Study Abroad : Collegiates

Hi there! I got back from my trip to South Africa last week and let me tell you, jet lag is too real. So, while I decompress, go through all of my pictures, and get caught up on sleep, let me go through my study abroad experience real quick. When I first enrolled at UNF […]

A comedy blog?

Yesterday, I posted about the week before finals and how I’m genuinely freaking out a little bit, and a blogger by the name of Sauce Box commented saying to check out their comedy blog. A comedy… blog? I know that there are a million different blogging styles and you can certainly put yourself into any […]

Finals Week : Collegiates

It’s the week before finals… It’s the week of the semester I dread the most. Finals week, for me, is less stressful because when the exam is over it’s over and there’s nothing I can change. But the week before, it’s the week before that I start questioning the choices I’ve been making all semester. […]

The End of the Semester : Collegiates

Four weeks and two days until it’s over… I don’t really know when this happened, it feels like yesterday I was buying my textbooks and deciding on which classes to add and drop. I’m feeling a little nervous about it being so close to the end of the semester… Exams are starting to pile up. […]

Beauty and the Beast (2017) : WWWIA

Beauty and the Beast. Live action. The second I saw that this was actually going to happen I was so excited. As a child, Cinderella was my favorite. Growing up I realized that Cinderella wasn’t realistic for me because I would have to have blonde hair… And while The Little Mermaid was my favorite story, […]