Lady Bird (2017) : WWWIA

Lady Bird was a movie that I had heard nothing about. I saw a trailer on Facebook and immediately sent it to my mom. Indie-esque movies about being a misunderstood teen with parents who just ‘don’t get it’ are my mom’s jam. We went and saw it the next weekend… Surprisingly, like super surprisingly, my […]

New (?) Candy!

Hi, my name is November and I’m addicted to candy. Seriously, addicted. I have candy everywhere. I buy candy all the time. I love candy, mostly more sour candy, not so much chocolate (I know, I know). We were grocery shopping and normally we avoid the candy aisle because I always end up buying more […]

He’s sick again… : Storytime

If you didn’t read my first update on Mickey’s health problems you can check that out by clicking here. That post ended with us giving him antibiotics, Panacur, and Trifexis. Since our first week together Mickey’s been so much better, a month ago his fecal test came back negative for everything, he got another booster, […]

I Have Ideas

Idea (ahy-dee–uh, ahy-deeuh) noun. 1. A plan of action; an intention. When we decided that a blog would be a good jumping off place for a YouTube channel we talked about what kinds of things would go on our blog. There were some obvious things, I would write about Ipsy once a month, Eduardo would […]

Our Website : Storytime

First, go look at your URL if you’re not here in your WordPress reader and you might notice that we are no longer *cue the excited dancing* We bought when we first had the idea to start blogging on a regular basis but we weren’t quite ready to commit to the $99 charge […]

Blog Post About a Blog Post : Storytime

Hey guys, it’s me (Eduardo). Basically every post – up until now – has been written by November, my better half. From here on out I am going to be contributing my own posts with whatever ideas I come up with. First things first, how do you even do this? Like, how do I even […]