Why Him? : WWWIA

Why Him? is a movie starring James Franco and Bryan Cranston. The movie was advertised as a comedy that follows Ned (Cranston) as he meets his daughter’s boyfriend, Laird (Franco), for the first time! We saw this movie on Christmas day with my parents and sister. While I can see this movie causing problems in […]

Storks (2016) : Would We Watch it Again?

When we saw The Secret Life of Pets in June there was a preview for the movie Storks. In the clip one of the main characters, Tulip, is in the warehouse and something malfunctions and babies start coming out of the machine like crazy. I’m only a little bit baby crazy so we had to […]

Suicide Squad (2016) : Would We Watch it Again?

Last March I saw an article for Suicide Squad that was about Jared Leto cutting his hair off. First off, who’s Jared Leto…? Second off, another super hero movie? No. Thanks. But I read the article and how the movie was about the super villains forming a super team to do something super for the […]