Why We Rescue

November and I are some of the biggest animal people alive. My parents weren’t always big on having real pets in our house; we had some fish and my dad had birds, but they never really wanted a dog or a cat. Almost my entire life, they have gone on about how people who care […]

It’s Been a Week

I feel like this picture is pretty self-explanatory. It’s been a rough week for us, November hasn’t slept in three days so she wasn’t really up to writing anything today. Hopefully we’ll recover this weekend. In the meantime, enjoy this photo of Lucy expressing how we all feel at the end of a long week. […]

Puppy in a Tote Bag : Storytime

**Fair warning, this is a long one that is part storytime, part puppy pictures,Β part rant** Eight months ago, eight months and eight days to be exact, we woke up at some God awful time and volunteered at the Mission of Mercy dental event. We had signed up for the event months before. I didn’t know […]

Puppy noms : Lucy

I probably haven’t mentioned before but I grew up around dogs, and none of the dogs I grew up with were very well behaved, mostly because their owners just didn’t know how to treat them. My parents’ dog, who is literally so sweet, has some of the worst mannerisms. First, she barks at anything outside […]

A Foobler…?

We are all about stimulating the senses of our little beagle mix. Whenever we see an intellitoy (you know, a toy that actually requires her to use her brain) we first look into how durable that particular toy is. When Lucy, or any dog I’ve ever seen, gets frustrated they get destructive. The Kong is […]


Lucy’s second favorite hobby (the first being cuddling with mommy and daddy) is chasing the Florida lizards. She is our brave girl, slaying all of the dragons in the world!