New (?) Candy!

Hi, my name is November and I’m addicted to candy. Seriously, addicted. I have candy everywhere. I buy candy all the time. I love candy, mostly more sour candy, not so much chocolate (I know, I know). We were grocery shopping and normally we avoid the candy aisle because I always end up buying more […]

Nutrition Lies : Noms

Growing up, nutrition was something we talked about quite a bit. I’ve always at least glanced at nutrition labels and taken calorie count into consideration before eating something. Recently, I decided to aim for an overall healthier lifestyle, that means eating more fruits and veggies, cutting out processed food, limiting waste, etc. Because I’m striving […]

Making The Scran Line Cupcakes : Noms

Hi guys, I know I’ve been doing a few of these remaking the recipe kind of posts but I know that when I’m reading recipes or watching viral food videos I want to know where people cut corners and if it worked out for them. A few months ago my sister and I found The […]

Chick-Fil-A Copycat (?) : Noms

Hi guys! Yesterday morning we were sitting outside, taking pictures of the pups, and we started talking about breakfast… Eduardo’s 21st birthday is coming up so we’re trying to pinch pennies wherever we can, that means eating exclusively at home. He said he wanted a chicken biscuit and I said I wanted chicken nuggets (yum!) […]

What We Order at Starbucks!

Alright, alright, I know, Starbucks isn’t that exciting but I find myself talking about Starbucks quite often as a conversation starter. Starbucks is what keeps me running when everything else is encouraging me to stop. Between classes I order online, pick up my drink, and keep going. I like talking about coffee because it’s something […]

Limited Edition Toll House Cookie Dough : Noms

We were wandering around our local Wal-Mart, doing our weekly grocery shopping when, all of a sudden, BAM! Blueberry lemon and Strawberry shortcake cookies from Nestle Toll House. They were in the cart only moments later. Chocolate chip cookies are kind of my thing, homemade or prepackaged dough, they’re my favorite and I generally don’t […]

Wonder Ball : Stocking Stuffers

How many people honestly remember Wonder Balls? I remember crying and begging my mom and grandparents to buy me the infamous Wonder Ball, filled with candy and stickers and I don’t even know. They were re-released, filled with candy, not toys, in 2000. I was five at that point so it doesn’t surprise me that […]