Reminiscing About High School | NMW, NMW | EP 5

You know how some people say that high school was the "best years of their lives?" Yeah, that's not the case for the hosts of this podcast. This episode, November and Elsa talk about some of those stand out high school moments, and it's not all bad... Okay, it's mostly bad... TW: Mental health, including [...]

Starting a Long-Distance Podcast

Howdy everyone! I'm trying to find a good footing with adding blogging back into my schedule while also making sure that it's something I continue to enjoy doing. This week, I thought I would talk about the project you may have already seen on the site: No Matter Where, No Matter What. The idea of [...]

Blogging Again…

Hi 🙂 I made it a goal to get back into blogging this month, and that means that I said I would write at least one post a week. And I had every intention of doing that this week. However... I feel like some lighthearted post isn't appropriate right now, not for how I'm feeling, [...]

August 2019 : Plans and Goals and Anxiety, Oh My!

August 2019 : Plans and Goals and Anxiety, Oh My!

Good afternoon/evening/whatever time it is over where you are, it's the afternoon/early evening where I am. I'm probably going to post this tonight when I'm able to put together a graphic (also, uhm hello, I've been on top of my featured photo game and I'm weirdly humble proud of that). Anyways, we have SO much [...]