Chick-Fil-A Copycat (?) : Noms

Hi guys! Yesterday morning we were sitting outside, taking pictures of the pups, and we started talking about breakfast… Eduardo’s 21st birthday is coming up so we’re trying to pinch pennies wherever we can, that means eating exclusively at home. He said he wanted a chicken biscuit and I said I wanted chicken nuggets (yum!) […]

Procrastination : Collegiates

This is me, creating dependability to try not to procrastinate… When I was in high school I learned that procrastination is more than just putting things off, it is a true art form. You have to delicately prioritize each and every second while also making sure you do absolutely nothing of importance. I mastered procrastination […]

What We Order at Starbucks!

Alright, alright, I know, Starbucks isn’t that exciting but I find myself talking about Starbucks quite often as a conversation starter. Starbucks is what keeps me running when everything else is encouraging me to stop. Between classes I order online, pick up my drink, and keep going. I like talking about coffee because it’s something […]

First Day… : Collegiates

It’s the first day of spring semester 2017! H*ll yeah. The first day is always intimidating, a little bit awkward, and has the potential to be either great or sh*tty. I’ve already dropped a class (if you hate the first day, you’re not going to feel good the rest of the semester), fell in love […]

Textbooks : Collegiates

Good morning! Welcome to the first post I’m actually writing this year! I thought about doing a resolutions post, or a post about what we got for Christmas but I think that “New Year’s Resolutions” are kind of pointless, sorry if you believe in them, and we didn’t get anything exciting for Christmas… I thought […]

Calculators : Collegiates

If you’re a philosophy, literature, or history major, and you’re only taking your major intended classes, you can probably just leave right now, heads up.   If you made it past the header of this post then congrats, you’re probably going to actually be able to do something awesome with your intended degree! (I’m not […]

F*nals : Collegiates

It’s finals week, and you know that means, well you do if you’re in (or were in) college! Late nights. Cramming. Textbooks. No room in the library. Nowhere to park. Calculators are missing… Oh what fun. Finals week during college is very different from finals week in high school in the sense that you’ve only […]