Ipsy : June 2017

It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve written an Ipsy post… Okay, it kind of has been forever. My last Ipsy post was in January! Can you believe that? I think I stopped posting my Ipsy bags because I realized that I’m not really a beauty blogger. I leaned off posting so much about beauty and […]

Target Beauty Box : February 2017

The Target beauty box is still available, go grab it while you still can! (As of 2/12/17 @ 10:30pm) If you’re as impatient as I am I’ll leave a link right about here… Target Beauty Box. I ordered my box on Monday, January 30th and I received it yesterday, February 8th. The boxes generally get […]

Target Beauty Box : December 2016

Oh my Gosh you guys, if you’re at all interested, the Target Beauty Box for December is up and as of two minutes ago (12/6/2016 @ 8:30 am) it was still available! If there’s a “sold out” banner that means you missed it but you should definitely go check it out while you can! I’m […]

Dove Dry Shampoo : Review

Hey guys it’s me again. Hair products. That’s what this post is about, more specifically: dry shampoo. If we’re being completely honest, I’ve always just used whatever hair products happen to be in the shower when I get in it, putting basically no thought about what goes in to my hair. What else is a teenage […]

Ipsy : September 2016

To be completely honest, right off the bat, I’m not particularly impressed with Ipsy lately. Last month, the design of the bag was cute af but this month I am less than enthusiastic. The girls in the dresses are cute but why does it have to spell out “I-P-S-Y” you know? The bag feels like […]

Target Beauty Box : September 2016

Alright, Target beauty box, me and you are through. From what I’ve been reading the September beauty box was on sale this past Monday, the 29th of AUGUST. No! Where is the fairness? Where is the justice? It wasn’t September yet. Did you hear me, Target, it wasn’t September! Today is September 1st, I got […]

Burning my wrist : Storytime

Okay, I know, everyone burns themselves while they’re doing their hair, but not me! I never burn myself while I’m curling or straightening my hair. Until today. Motherf*ck*r. I was already more than halfway through curling my hair so I couldn’t even stop and go properly care for my wound. No, I had to finish. […]