About Team Santana

Hi there! We wanted to take some time to introduce ourselves, obviously, we are Team Santana. Our small family of four wanted to explain a little what this blog is about, what we’re about!

We’re newlyweds! We got married October of 2017, we’re coming up on our one year anniversary and we couldn’t be more excited.

She’s November, a UNF grad with a BBA in Economics. He’s Eduardo, also a UNF grad with a BS in Information Technology.

We’re two simple people chugging along on the same train.

We want to be able to show you how a young couple makes it through the trials and tribulations of life, from what food we buy at the grocery store to starting our own small business. We want to talk about how we’re running through adulthood and how we’ve tripped along the way.

Lucy and Mickey are our rescue dogs, without whom we would be missing all the love and cuddles dogs bring to a home. They are such a big part of our life and we’ve had to learn so much along the way that we want to share our knowledge with you!

We call ourselves a lifestyle blog, only because ‘lifestyle’ seems to encompass the largest number of topics. We want to be able to share a wide range of content, including tech, beauty, food, movies, and just our day to day activities!

Life is crazy but we’re going on this journey together.

We hope you’ll join us along the way!

P.S. This is about as heartfelt as this blog will probably get, it’s really full of sarcasm, *gasps*, and a few what the f*cks.