Blogging Again…

Hi 🙂

I made it a goal to get back into blogging this month, and that means that I said I would write at least one post a week. And I had every intention of doing that this week. However… I feel like some lighthearted post isn’t appropriate right now, not for how I’m feeling, and not for how the country is feeling.

I’m going to publish this post as a placeholder, announcing that I do intend to write more, but not to take away from anything going on in our country right now.

If you cannot donate money, please sign the petition for Justice for George Floyd.

If you have money to give, please donate to George Floyd’s Memorial Fund.

If you’ve already done these things, please look into your local community, find local black owned businesses to support. Continue to learn and share. Be kind. Understand that we must do better. And feel free to message me on Twitter or Instagram (@novembersantana) if you’d like to chat.

Until next time – Xx

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