September 2019 : A To-Do List is a Goal List

Howdy ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another goal setting blog post.

This post is over a week late, I know. I haven’t properly sat down to map out my September goals because things have been hectic around here lately, and I was hesitant to create a post at all for September… Then I remembered how this little goal setting series started…

I had plans in April that I wanted to create accountability for, as I wrote the post I realized that I was creating a to-do list, which is basically a list of goals that need to be met within a certain time frame… And that’s what I’m going back to this month. These are still goals, but nothing too strenuous, mostly it’s things I just need to do and I’ve either been putting them off or I know I’ll procrastinate until the last minute.

All that being said, here is my September goals/plans list:

  1. Go shoe shopping.
    • I absolutely abhor shoe shopping. I don’t know why, it’s just one of those events that I put off until it absolutely must be done and even then, I’ll avoid it. I need a pair of flats that are going to last me more than a month. I keep re-purchasing the $5 flats from Wal-Mart, they’re not comfy, they’re not cute, but they fit and that’s about my only requirement when it comes to last minute shoe purchases.
    • Also, I need to find a pair of wedges or heels that I can comfortably wear all day. My very favorite pair of heels were a thrift store gem, they lasted me almost three years, they were so comfortable and their design was timeless. The business that made the shoes rebranded a few years ago and completely did away with lowkey, business casual, wedges. I finally had to lay those heels to rest almost a full year ago and I haven’t been able to bring myself to get another pair of heels since. It’s time.
  2. Complete another sticker kit.
    • I finished my first sticker kit in July and it was so cute. I started designs for another kit and just never finished. There’s a planner sale coming up either later this month or early next month and I know I’ll be tempted to spend a ton of money on sticker kits that I could be making myself. Hopefully, completing this task will encourage me to spend conservatively when the sale rolls around.
  3. Make vet appointments for the cats.
    • We have two cats, Cocoa Puff and Girl Cat, and they made their journey into our home in very strange, roundabout, kind of ways. We’ve had them for maybe a year and they haven’t been to the vet yet. I know, we’re probably terrible cat parents, but these cats have been in our lives for a very long time and whatever, I’m taking responsibility for this now. I’m not committing to getting them to the vet because our vet has bizarre hours but I need to at least have their appointments scheduled.
  4. Find a good morning and night routine.
    • Have I said it in this post yet? Our lives are crazy right now. For about six weeks I’ll be responsible for waking the house up, and putting it to sleep. Two dogs, two cats, and humans. Our animals all have different eating habits, recently I’ve been a very unhappy person in the morning, and yeah, I need to get a routine down, ASAP.
  5. Get the dogs more heartworm medication!
    • Eduardo and I have both had this on our list for a few weeks but we haven’t gotten around to it. They’re not out of their Sentinol but life is about to change drastically, we don’t need to be worried about where we’re going to get their pill from in a few months.
  6. Make a final decision: Buy or rent.
    • This weekend we’re going to look at houses and I need to stop tiptoeing around. We need to just decide and commit. Buy or rent. There are pros and cons to both sides, I know, trust me, but we’ve been playing both sides of the field for the past month or so. It’s time to commit so we can focus our energy in one place and create the most successful outcome.
  7. Organize/pack all books and (it’s a reach) craft things.
    • I don’t think packing all my books will be a problem, aside from the fact that I’ll probably miss a few. I already have bins for them from when we moved into this house.
    • The craft type things… This is another beast. But I need to tackle it. If I don’t get this done by the end of September, obviously I’ll do it in October, but I’m challenging myself to get it done now.
    • Alright, a more realistic goal is to at least organize/pack all craft items from upstairs. There.
  8. Publish at least four posts this month.
    • I think this is realistic… I mean, there’s my August follow-up. This post. An announcement post. And then a September follow-up. There, that’s four. Anything beyond that, I’m not able to commit to.
  9. Drink more water!
    • There’s not explanation needed here. We should probably all be drinking more water. I’ve been struggling with this lately and I need to hold myself accountable for keeping hydrated.
  10. Give myself grace.
    • I’m the kind of person who believes they can do it all. In my head, I have no limits and there are no bounds to my abilities. However, I’m also the kind of person who struggles with anxiety, depression, guilt, and perfection. My boss is an incredible human being and she’s really helped me understand the concept of grace this past year. There are so many things happening outside of my control, and they’re affecting me (even if I hate to admit it), which makes me feel overwhelmed. Then I make mistakes, I feel imperfect and I blame myself and feel guilty over it, but the reality is that I didn’t ruin anything. Everything will be okay. I can take an extra second to get something done or allow myself a day to say no, today is for me. This is a concept I’m still struggling with but yeah… I need to remember this in the coming weeks.

Okay, those are ten things that are on my to-do list this month. It’s not explicitly a goal list but I think a list of plans or a to-do list is a goal list. Some of these goals are very specific, some are more abstract, but I’m committed to getting everything done (with a little bit of grace, of course).

What’s on your to-do list this month? Anything you’ve been putting off that you really just need to get done? Let me know, I’ll help keep you accountable!

Until next time – Xx

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