August 2019 : Follow-Up

Hi. Today Eduardo pointed out to me that it’s already more than a full week into September and I was shocked. I keep putting off this post because I was writing some other, more serious, posts that I decided to keep unpublished for now and then I felt bad about not having many posts and I always end up in this cycle of not posting for ages.

So, I’m here to do a really quick August follow-up because that’s what I do on this blog. I tell you my goals and then I tell you about how I failed and how I just have to pick up and keep moving forward to hopefully inspire you to do the same.

Without any further babbling, here are the goals I had and a pathetic explanation for why I achieved nothing:

  1. Night-time routine.
    • Not a chance I did anything pertaining to any kind of night-time routine.
    • I will give myself the tiniest win here, every day we were on vacation I washed me face at least once, if not twice… That’s my only win under this one.
    • How do I fix this? Well, I would say that I need to be more diligent but honestly, life around this house is going to be absolutely nuts for the next two months. We’re already halfway through September and I already can say that I would fail this again. We’ll work on it.
  2. Write at least 20,000 words.
    • I actually laughed at myself when I read this. I doubled this from July because I like to believe I can do it all. Why in the world did I think I could write double what I did in July when I was not home for almost a full week? I don’t know. This wasn’t realistic.
    • To be fair, I came up with what I thought was a good story line while we were on vacation (I’m trying to push myself to stop waiting for stories to come organically) but it didn’t work out so I spent most of the second half of August pondering the names of characters.
  3. Make sure all of my work type things are taken care of before we leave.
    • Okay, this one was realistic and a success.
  4. Spend conservatively while on vacation.
    • I’m actually really proud of us for this one, we spent half what we had originally budgeted, including a tattoo, Yankees merch, food, Ubers, PATH tickets, etc. After doing our “No spend July” this kind of goals seems extremely feasible.
  5. Post five times to the blog đŸ™‚
    • Like I mentioned in the intro part of this post, I did write a few posts but I didn’t publish them. This is my own internal struggle with trying not to be too controversial while also expressing my thoughts and feelings. Those posts don’t count, since they weren’t posted. So, another lose.

Okay, I guess I actually didn’t do that terribly. I succeeded in 2.1 of my goals and I totally failed the other 3. I think I wrote my August goals post fairly last minute so I just threw some things into the world and I don’t know that I was totally committed to success.

This is the point where I need to stop, take a step back, and be real with myself. I don’t want to throw random goals out into the world and just hope some of them stick. I need to be making real goals with a purpose to help me live my best life and if I can’t do that, then I shouldn’t waste time on meaningless things.

What do you think? Do you ever make goals that you don’t really intend to meet? How does it make you feel when you’re forced to address those ghost goals and admit you failed?

Now I’m going to write my September monthly plans and such and I hope you’ll read those too.

Until next time – Xx

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