August 2019 : Plans and Goals and Anxiety, Oh My!

Good afternoon/evening/whatever time it is over where you are, it’s the afternoon/early evening where I am. I’m probably going to post this tonight when I’m able to put together a graphic (also, uhm hello, I’ve been on top of my featured photo game and I’m weirdly humble proud of that). Anyways, we have SO much going on this month that I originally thought I wasn’t even going to make an August goal kind of post but I got an email from a PR thing I signed up for and I realized I’m going to have to post this month whether I’m mentally in it or not, so here we are!

We have one really major thing happening this month, we’re taking a vacation!

Eduardo and I haven’t gone on a vacation since last August when we went to Minnesota for the state fair. I went back to Minnesota in October with my best friend, but it was definitely a mental decompression trip for both of us, not exactly a vacation.

Even this trip isn’t going to be exactly like a vacation per se due to the fact that we’re going with my sister and my mom, and we have something huge to deal with at home, it’s going to be really great to take time off. We’ve taken a few days here and there to go to Disney or hang out with family, but no extended time really.

While writing this post, I’ve been mulling over my goals for the month, like I said, I hadn’t really planned on doing this at all… and I came to some unexpected conclusions. I’m sorry if this post is all over the place, but I’m writing it between actual work tasks, we’re already a week into the month, and I’m truly just overwhelmed by events in life right now…

Self-care needs to be my absolute priority this month. I just realized this and I’m writing it down so when I’m falling apart towards the end of the month I can’t sit there and say “I wish I’d done something about this weeks ago!” I’m not the kind of person who can relax by taking a bath or sitting outside on a porch swing, or whatever cliched self-care things you can think of so I’ll be framing my monthly goals around taking care of my sanity as well as making sure I stay on track with some of my other goals…

Without any further ado, here are my goals for August 2019:

  1. Night-time routine.
    • This has been on my goal list for the past several months. I did really well in June. I fell off the wagon in July. I need to get back on this for August. But I need to make some modifications.
    • I won’t be limiting my screen time. I write on my laptop. I create blog graphics on my desktop. I use Google Music at night. Limiting my screen time just won’t be realistic for me this month.
    • Cleaning my face every night is something I can do this month. It’s something I will do. Between the stress and the traveling I’m sure my skin isn’t going to like me very much, hopefully I can combat that hostility.
    • Additionally, for the days we are not on vacation, I need to create a routine where there is no eating after 9pm. Most days, we just kind of hang out in the evening and don’t eat, or we’ll get a snack when we get home, and we don’t eat dinner until much later.
    • Also for the days we’re not on vacation, I need to be in bed by 11pm. It’s time to stop making excuses and just go to bed. I have a pretty strict ‘no phone in bed’ rule so as soon as I go to bed, I’ll be cutting off all my screens.
  2. Write at least 20,000 words.
    • I’m doubling this goal from July. I’ll be in my favorite city of all time, the most inspiring place for me, and I’m hoping that I’ll be inspired just like every time I get to visit!
    • Writing is something that helps me switch off from the world for a bit and I get to live someone else’s life (at least on paper). I’ve been working on one project in particular lately that has me really inspired but I can also kind of feel myself lagging on it so I’m hoping this specific goal will keep me moving with the story.
  3. Make sure all of my work type things are taken care of before we leave.
    • We’ll only be gone for five days but I know myself and I know that I’ll be tempted to put hours into my work projects while we’re on vacation. I need to ensure everything is taken care of before we leave.
  4. Spend conservatively while on vacation.
    • This one is going to be hard. We’re going to our favorite city. There are so many things that cost money when you go on a trip, but we’re also really good at finding cheap/free things.
    • With recent things happening we’re about to step into a world of financial unpredictability and we need to make sure we keep our buffer padded.
  5. Post five times to the blog 🙂
    1. I have a goal like this every month. Last month I just barely missed my goal. This month I’m hoping I can make it but with everything we have going on I’m just not sure.

Alright, that’s it for my plans/goals this month. Do you have monthly goals? Are you going through major life changes? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to chat!

Until next time – Xx

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