What I Bought at Target : July 2019

I recently published a post called “On Reading” (I highly recommend checking it out if you haven’t already. I get pretty vulnerable over there) and I hinted at the fact that I have plenty of problems, don’t we all… And one of my problems is shopping at Target.

I have a theory that Target, like Target the company, actually created the stereotype meme-y thing of “going to Target with a list and buying a hundred dollars worth of things and not getting a single item off your list.” And I fit into that stereotype a little bit because I always end up getting everything that was on my list, I just also find five or six things I didn’t know I needed along with it.

My Target addiction stems from childhood. My mom is a Target lover, as a matter of fact, I remember when I was little and we were looking at houses she would jokingly mention that the proximity to Target was her primary concern. Super Target is her jam and every time I see one I think of her.

When we started our “no spend month” this July, I told Eduardo, “No trips to Target. Okay?” And he agreed. He likes Target too but he’s perfectly capable of walking out without buying anything, I have no idea how he does it.

And then I got my period. And the menstrual product dilemma began. This is something I have struggled with since I hit puberty. What products should I be using? Is one tampon really better than the other tampon? How is this weird cotton healthy? Menstrual cups are a thing now, right? Maybe I should try one of those.

I watch itsjustkelli on YouTube for plenty of reasons, but one of the main reasons is her menstrual cup reviews. She recently reviewed the Saalt Cup and it intrigued me. When she kept talking about the Saalt Cup as her favorite cup I knew it would be the one I would have to try.


I looked up where to find the cup and, of course, it’s sold at our local Target. So, a trip to Target was needed. Immediately.

I did get a Saalt Cup. I got the ‘regular’ size because I have no idea what sizes mean or what size I would need, but I’ve never been a ‘small’ anything and opted for the bigger of the two sizes. My sister, husband, and I heavily debated the sizes in the aisle of the Target for a few minutes before I just threw one in the basket. The Saalt Cups cost $32.99 at Target and I have no idea if they’re sold cheaper elsewhere. I didn’t really care, I just needed something.

And because it’s Target, I got a few other things. I know that it’s highly unlikely that anyone cares about what I bought at Target but I like reading/watching these kinds of posts so *shrug*.

I’m a sucker for socks at Target, they’re only $1.50 and they’re just so cute. Recently, I’ve picked up a pair every time we go to Target. Today, I got some adorable little bumble bee socks. I tried to find them on the Target website but had absolutely no luck so there’s not a link to them.


It’s back to school season so we walked through the big back to school section to ooh and aah over stationary and I found these Staedtler Triplus rollerball pens. I have a pretty sizable pen collection (I wouldn’t say it’s huge or anything) and my Staedtler Triplus pens are definitely a favorite. I’ve been using the regular fine point felt tipped pens for years and I continue to purchase replacements for my black triplus ‘marker’ because I use it so often.

These rollerball style pens are right up my alley as far as writing supplies. I think we paid $10.99 for them, which is pretty standard (to me) for a set of pens. I just looked over the reviews, which are not promising, and I’m crossing my fingers that I have good luck with these ones.

We also picked up some not necessities in the grocery section, grenadine and maraschino cherries. I like adding these to cherry Pepsi, or Mountain Dew, or Dr Pepper, or basically any kind of soda. I can’t remember if I like the maraschino cherries from Target (I know, I’m weird, but the different brands do taste different) so I hope they go over well but if not, it’ll be okay.

And that’s what we got at Target last week. We are still on a “no spend” month but ya know, when you get your period, you deserve a Target run. If you don’t agree with me… Well, tell my husband I’m not allowed to go to Target just because I have cramps and he’ll assure you that it’s medicinal shopping.

Socks are something that seem to be impossible for me to pass up. What’s something that you get every time you go to the big red bullseye? Let me know by dropping a comment below.

Until next time – Xx.

PS. I know the photos are not the best, but it was that or nothing and I’m trying to convince myself that anything is better than nothing so *shrug*

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