June 2019 : Follow-Up

Howdy y’all. How’s it hangin’?

In April I made some plans, and I wrote a follow up post in May. I made June plans and now I’m going to do a follow up. If you want to see explanations for the goals then see my original post 🙂 where I go more in depth about goal planning (I’ll probably get a little ranty in here too but what can you do).

I had ten goals in June, same as April, and I don’t know why I forced myself to do ten goals. The ten goals in April was just a happy round number, I didn’t need to have ten goals but I did. I don’t think I met any of my goals but I’m going to go over them here, why I didn’t reach them, recap my month and yeah, move forward.

  1. Four blog posts in June – That’s one post per week.
    • I didn’t do this. I wrote a few posts but they got a little too personal and so I didn’t post them. Maybe I will in a bit (like my quitting my job post, I know I want to talk about some things but it’s hard to bring myself to hit that ‘publish’ button). Either way, I should have written other posts and I didn’t.
  2. Get out of the house at least twice a week.
    • This was, like the last, basically a fail. We got out on the weekends this month, either to Disney or to the vet, but during the week I’m pretty much a shut in (aside from work). And I’m a hundred percent okay with that. It’s too hot here in Florida to get outside and do things (I do not handle the heat well). I’m okay with this one, it was good for me to be thinking about how much time I was spending at the house and asking the question, “Should I get out?”
  3. No screens after 8:30pm.
    •  I didn’t do this fifty percent of the days in June like I aimed to do but it did happen quite a bit. I’m going to be carrying this forward to July because I need to continue to be strict with myself about getting away from screens at night.
  4. Complete a nighttime routine (at least 50% of the days in June).
    • The intention of this goal was to make me get to bed earlier so I could have more restful sleep, and wake up feeling better. That’s kind of happened. I didn’t sit up every night for a week straight. I’m not complaining constantly about being tired. But other habits have evolved from my nighttime routine, I’m taking much better care of my skin. I’m not drinking caffeine at night. The dogs have gotten into a really good routine. Overall, we’re doing pretty good.
  5. Track food.
    • I did this off and on. I intended to do this to correlate it with my mood but June was a good month for me, mentally and all, and I think it had more to do with my sleep and routine than what I was eating.
  6. Write every day.
    • “I tend to do this thing where I’ll finish a stage in the process (like grinding out a 10,000 word draft) and then I’ll ignore writing for ages.” This was one hundred percent foreshadowing. I barely wrote in June and it was definitely because of that draft I flew through. Next month, I’m going to set a word count goal and hold myself to it. This one was too vague, which would be okay if I was in the mood to write a bunch, but I need specifics.
  7. Complete one baby blanket.
    • Nope. I am so close to being done with a baby blanket. So. freaking. close. I worked on it at the beginning of June and holding my head forward to look at the stitches did a number on my neck and I had aches and headaches so terribly for a week after so I’ve actually been kind of nervous to pick it up again. My physical therapist gave me some tips on how to mitigate the damage but it was so bad I’m scared that it’ll happen again.
  8. Complete one podcast episode.
    • We did this. We recorded an episode. It’s probably terrible, I haven’t been able to merge the files and start editing but it’s recorded. That’s a step in the right direction. However, I had a cold the whole last week of June so I’m sure I’m all sniffle-y and my breathing is probably super loud. It’s okay though, because at least it got recorded.
  9. Complete one sticker kit.
    • This didn’t get done. I got caught up reading in June (I read ten books last month, that I recorded anyways, so it’s probably closer to fifteen…) and most of these goals fell aside for that. I’ll complete a sticker kit in July since we’ve got some other goals that coincide with this one.
  10. Modified morning pages, every day.
    • This didn’t happen. I’ve been having trouble waking up early so I definitely didn’t have time for this to happen.

Out of my ten goals, I completed maybe one and a half. I feel kind of sh*tty about this. I don’t know what happened. I was on a major roll. But it’s okay, we’re going to reevaluate for July and keep moving forward. I’m sorry this follow-up is a bit lackluster but it’s what I’ve got for now and if I don’t post it how it is I’ll never post it.

Okay, up and out!

Until next time (tomorrow) – Xx

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