Fabletics: Youtube Made Me Buy It

I love Youtube. I can learn about virtually anything. I can look up a brand and find a dozen reviews from real people who actually used the product. I can follow certain personalities and get to know them in a personal sort of way without actually knowing them.

There are a few Youtubers that I’ve watched for years, one of them is Sarah Rae Vargas. I fell in love with her personality, with her energy, and her kids are the friggen cutest.

I see Sarah as mostly a fashion youtuber, we have similar-ish body types and I’ve bought enough crap based on her recommendations that I know how something will fit me based on how it fits her. I seriously love Youtube for giving me that.

Shopping for clothes is hard for me and when I found Torrid in high school, I never shopped anywhere else. However, if you know anything about Torrid you know it’s expensive AF and it’s fine quality but it’s not amazing or anything. Sarah has opened up an entire world of brands and fashion I never would have experienced otherwise.

As hard as it is to find jeans that fit me right, it’s even harder to find athletic wear that’s cute, affordable, and high quality (and affordable is something I’m willing to look over, if it’s high quality and looks good, I’ll shell out the money). A year ago, Sarah put up a “Plus-Size Fashion” video about Fabletics.

I’d seen the ads. I’d clicked on Kate Hudson. I’d seen Demi Lovato’s collection. I don’t like shopping online without a reputable review beforehand so I’d added the items to a cart but never bought anything.

I watched Sarah’s review and I was impressed. But still, I hesitated. In the new year (2019), Sarah got sponsored by Fabletics. Yay for her (sponsored content doesn’t bother me, I just always take it with a grain of salt)! And it came up in my Instagram feed over and over and I watched another one of her videos about Fabletics and finally decided to try it out for myself.

At the end of the day, if I don’t like it, I can return it (just kidding, Eduardo would return it for me).

So I ordered two sets of leggings, two tank tops, and a sports bra. And I got all of it for less than $80. Holy crap, that was a steal.

Sometimes, when companies do the whole ‘buy it now for $20 as a first time customer’ I get wary. Can they afford to sell every pair for $20? And if they can do that, please don’t put a sticker of $80 on it. Bologna. But I understand that online companies need to do this more to get people to take the chance on their product.

Now, the nitty gritty of this post, Fabletics? Is it worth the money?




I found both of the leggings that I bought to run true to size. They have pockets on the sides. They’re high waisted, comfortable, bold, and super cute. I really like one of the tank tops, not so much the other one, but that’s okay because I have a sister who’s smaller than me so I can give her anything that’s too small.

The only thing that really didn’t work out for me was the sports bra and I should have been more mindful of how low cut it was. I could have picked something more appropriate for my bust but I wasn’t paying attention to it.

I signed up for the VIP membership thing and I’m going to be keeping that account active. It was very easy to go in on the first of the month and click, “skip this month” so they wouldn’t charge me in April. I’m excited for May because I already know I’m going to be purchasing an outfit.

Active wear is my go to in almost any situation so I’m really hyped to be expanding that part of my wardrobe.

Also, we went to play catch and hit baseballs this morning and Eduardo took this super cute picture, it doesn’t show off any of the clothes but that’s okay.


Until Next Time – Xx

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