April 2019 : I Have Plans

Hi. My name’s November and I’m here to overhaul this blog.

Today is April 1, 2019. It’s also Monday. Do you know how much of a cosmic reset that can be? Well, it really doesn’t mean anything but I’m making it mean something, for me. Mondays are reset days for me, no matter how bad last week was, this week can be great. And the first of the month is a reset day too, no matter how long last month felt, or taxing it was, this is a new start. So for me, the first of the month being on a Monday is like fate, or something like that.

Either way, yesterday I made a list of things that need to happen this month and here it is:

  1. Blog post every other day.
    • I wanted this to be every single day but I also know that i need to keep myself in check. I have no posts planned. I have almost no ideas for posts to write. And I might need two days to create longer, more in-depth posts.
  2. Workout/do something more strenuous than a short walk 3xWeek.
    • Working out is something I don’t exactly enjoy doing, I don’t hate it but I certainly don’t love it, and it’s something I put off doing as long as possible. Every Saturday we go to the park and play baseball (we don’t play a game, we just hit and play catch), so that’s 1 day down. Now, I need to find two more days a week to get to the gym or a program I actually like that I can do at home.
    • I really dislike going to the gym/working out because of the changing of clothes. I hate changing my clothes more than once a day, twice if absolutely necessary, and getting sweaty means I have to change clothes at least three times in a day. Out of PJs > Into gym clothes > Out of gym clothes > Into work clothes > Out of work clothes > Into lounge clothes. Ugh.
  3. Stop eating at 7pm.
    • We started eating between 7am and 7pm about two weeks ago and it’s kind of awesome. We definitely fell off the wagon in the last three or four days but come April there’s no excuses.
  4. Wake up early.
    • Not like 4am early, more like 5am early. And getting up early means going to sleep early. I like waking up early. My problem is really the going to be early. I’m not a hundred percent on this one but it’s a good goal to have.
  5. Eat more whole foods.
    • I’m not really sure where this one came from but sure. Eat more whole foods.
  6. Complete a 10,000 word draft of my second novel.
    • Last month I completed my first novel (as an adult) and while I have no idea what I’m doing with it, I do know that I need to get on the second one. Writing 10,000 words in 30 days is about 335 words per day. I can do that. (Maybe).
  7. Finish 2-3 blankets.
    • Recently I took up crocheting. It’s easier to me than knitting. I really enjoy the way it looks and feels. I finished one blanket last month. I committed to a baby blanket for my boss, so that’s one down. I also started a throw for myself, that’s two. Now I just have to make it happen. If I crochet for an hour and a half every day this is totally doable.
  8. Have a minimum of one podcast episode completed.
    • In January, we came up with a podcast idea. We tried several times to record episodes but it just never happened for us. We finally got upgraded mics that make it easier to record without a sound studio, we’ve honed in our ideas, and we just need to get it done.
  9. Rearrange our bedroom.
    • Our house is a part of the small house movement (the movement of people into homes that are less than 1000 square feet), we are not. However, we’re really trying maximize the space we have and our bedroom setup is not the most effective use of that space.
  10. Journal Daily/Have more intentionally positive thoughts.
    • I’m a big believer in the “put good in get good out” mentality. I believe that if you put positive out you’ll get positive back. But, I need to be more intentional about this.
    • I combined this with the “journal daily” plan because I think that blogging every other day will kind of take the place of what I would be journaling. I might try to journal more but ehh, probably not going to happen.

Alright, there it is, ten goals that I have for the month of April. (I didn’t intend for this list to have ten items, it seems kind of gimicky, but whatever.) I’ll check in as I need to, and I’ll do an updated post to this at the end of the month.

Until next time – Xx

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