Anastasia : The Broadway Musical

I took my eighteen year old sister to New York City as a her high school graduation present. She had never been to the city and her only request was that we go see Anastasia.

As kids, we were both obsessed with the movie. When the movie was put on Netflix we watched it countless times. We both saw the announcement of a Broadway musical and immediately tagged each other, laughing. Neither of us could have imagined we would actually get to see it!

We entered the lottery a few times for tickets and didn’t win so we paid full price for our tickets and while they seemed astronomical, it wasn’t that bad.

Before going to New York we listened to the soundtrack and learned a little about the new story line.

The costumes are stunning. The sets are jaw-dropping. The score is perfection. The cast, impeccable. I cannot say how much I loved this musical.

When I was a preteen I was really into musical theater, I was in a local production of Oliver! while I was in middle school. In high school we had a really competitive theater program and I was too focused on getting my IB diploma so I gave up theater and chorus all together. Christy Altomare (Anya) is the person I dreamed of being when I was pursuing musical theater.

The performance we saw did not include Derek Klena (Dmitry) but Zach Adkins was incredible. The only song we wished we could have seen Derek Klena in was “In a Crowd of Thousands” because that’s when Anya remembers Dmitry from her past and it may have been slightly different with Derek Klena.

If you have the chance to see this, I highly, highly, highly recommend it. We sat in the mezzanine on the left hand side and our view wasn’t brilliant but we didn’t feel like we missed anything (except the man in front of us wouldn’t sit still and kept leaning from side to side so we would adjust to see around his head and then he would decide he wanted to put his head against the rail and we would have to adjust again).

If you have any questions drop a comment below and I’ll be happy to answer!

Until next time – Xx

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