I, Tonya (2017) : WWWIA

Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan, a duo that I’ve known my entire life, but never really understood why. Growing up, if there were two people who were really competitive someone would say “Be careful! She might pull a Tonya!” I knew them as rivals, I knew that Tonya Harding was a super competitive person who kneecapped her competition… Or that’s what I thought I knew.

Before watching I, Tonya, my sister and I were discussing what we knew about the rivalry and as it turns out neither of us actually knew what happened.

I liked I, Tonya because it’s a real story, about real accounts from real people. I think that everyone remembers situations differently, so I loved seeing Tonya’s account of what happened, and how her mom and husband had different takes on the same events.

There were parts of the movie where I died laughing (I’m an international espionage agent… We looked into it and you’re not… But I am… You’re not… But, I am.), parts where I felt bad for everyone involved in the story, and parts where my jaw literally dropped. Margot Robbie was incredible, I mean is she ever not?

I can’t imagine a world where this movie was done better. Both Sara and I walked out raving about the drama, the athleticism, the comedy, everything. The only way I could see someone not enjoying this movie is if they hate ice skating, don’t like Margot Robbie, or hate 80’s fashion.

Again, my mom was ‘meh’, she liked this movie more than Lady Bird but still thought it was boring. Whatever, to each their own.

All in all, 9/10 would watch I, Tonya again.

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