Lady Bird (2017) : WWWIA

Lady Bird was a movie that I had heard nothing about. I saw a trailer on Facebook and immediately sent it to my mom. Indie-esque movies about being a misunderstood teen with parents who just ‘don’t get it’ are my mom’s jam. We went and saw it the next weekend…

Surprisingly, like super surprisingly, my mom hated Lady Bird. She thinks that the movie was “boring” and “not demented enough for her” but I think that maybe there’s some repressed feelings there (like maybe the mom reminded her too much of herself so she decided to hate the movie).

Lady Bird is both the girl I was when I was in high school and the girl that I wanted so desperately to be. She got to chase her dreams, go to the college across the country, and she got approval from her parents for doing just that.

The filmography in Lady Bird was incredible in that at no point did it bother me. I loved the story line, there wasn’t one loose end that didn’t get tied up. There were no lines that implied something was coming up with no follow through. I felt for every character in Lady Bird I would definitely watch it again.

9/10 Would watch Lady Bird again.

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