Baby Driver : WWWIA

Would we watch it again? Would we watch Baby Driver again? Yeah, actually we’ve now seen it in theaters three times and I definitely recommend you go see it if you still have the chance to see it on the big screen!

First, there are no overrated actors in the movie. I don’t think that Jamie Foxx or Kevin Spacey are overrated. Second, the story is straightforward without underestimating the intelligence of the viewer. And third, the whole movie (or most of it) is choreographed to the soundtrack.

Now I’m a sucker for a good dance/music focused movie (Hello, Step Up is in my top ten favorite movies) and I absolutely love when every step of a movie is intentional. I love that it was more than just “go on set and read your lines” and more than just “let’s throw in a dance number.”

I also have an immense appreciation for the fact that there is very little CGI/Green screen work in the movie (it reminds me a little bit of The Lost Boys in that the movie was so good for its time without taking advantage of all the tricks that are available in Hollywood).

I don’t know who wouldn’t love this movie, and if you’ve seen it and you didn’t like it, why!?

10/10 would watch Baby Driver again!

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