There’s a Bag Over Her Head : Storytime

Set the scene : It’s Sunday, early evening. We’re casually browsing the aisles looking for produce to last us through the week. I’m debating between iceberg lettuce and romaine. Eduardo nudged my arm and said, “Don’t look at the kid in that cart over there, you’ll be pissed.” Of course, I looked.

Pissed doesn’t even begin to describe what I saw. There was a couple pushing a cart, in the cart was some produce and a two year old. She was standing in the cart, with a bag over her head. A plastic produce bag, over her head. And she’s dancing around with it on her head.

Now, when I say it was over her head, I don’t mean she had it on as a hat. It was completely covering her nose and mouth.

I looked at Eduardo and, completely stunned, said, “There’s a bag over her head.”

“Yeah, the mom will take it off her head and then give it back.”

Enraged is a better word to describe what I was feeling. The mom saw me openly staring at her and snatched the bag off her head but then handed it back to the little girl. Of course, she proceeded to put it back over her head.

We’re not all perfect, we are all human and we all make mistakes. But to let a toddler put a plastic bag over her head, repeatedly? I know that as a parent, you’re probably tired and you don’t want to have a screaming toddler on your hands but then you should have planned ahead when thinking about bringing your child to a grocery store where the entertainment is minimal.

As we passed the couple, the dad making faces at the girl through the plastic, I loudly said, “Plastic bags aren’t toys.” But I’m convinced the couple didn’t speak English because they didn’t react at all, or they didn’t care at all.

If they let their child do that in a grocery store I can’t imagine what happens in the comfort of their home. Have you ever seen something like this and wanted to say something? I honestly didn’t even know what to do…

Alright, rant over, until next time. Xx

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