New (?) Candy!

Hi, my name is November and I’m addicted to candy.

Seriously, addicted. I have candy everywhere. I buy candy all the time. I love candy, mostly more sour candy, not so much chocolate (I know, I know). We were grocery shopping and normally we avoid the candy aisle because I always end up buying more than any normal person needs but I was craving sweet tarts… And I saw some candy that I wasn’t familiar with. And then I saw new ‘summer’ kind of candy.

Now, I don’t need more candy. But I could justify buying it by telling myself that if I wrote a blog post about it then I needed it… So here’s a blog post about candy!

It started with these Juicy Drop gummies. Juicy Drop pops were just kind of starting to be a thing when I was in middle school and I thought they were dumb (I would just eat the gel)… The sucker was way too sweet and the sour drops were never sour enough.

I wasn’t sure how this whole thing was going to go down. Do you crack the top of the pen open and then you have to eat all of it? Nope, the pens have caps that stay on fairly well. I thought it was kind of cool that Bazooka actually owns the Juicy Drop candy brand.

The actual candies are… Well… They’re disgusting. The gummies are already sweet, but they’re covered something like big raw white sugar and it’s unbearably sugary. I was so outraged at how horrible these were I returned them. Yeah, returned open candy. Apparently, it’s a thing.

I also returned these Sour Shell Shocked Now and Laters… Good in theory I guess. The texture was so different from traditional Now and Laters… Closer to prechewed gum, tbh. Also, they say three flavors, cherry, watermelon, and apple but I couldn’t tell the difference between the three.

Neon Lifesaver gummies… Mmm. Anything with neon in the name should not be eaten. But hey, it’s candy and it looked good… It isn’t good. We didn’t return these because I initially thought Eduardo liked them, I tried to put them in his lunch box and he physically recoiled. I mean, I know there are some kids that would probably really enjoy these but I can’t bring myself to offer radioactive materials to a child.

The last ‘summer’ candy I grabbed was these Summer Splash Starbursts. I like Starbursts, don’t get me wrong, but I’m really particular about them. It’s like Skittles. I only like a few flavors so I never buy them. Anywho, these didn’t look terrible. I really love grape and cherry flavored things so I thought the cherry cooler and grape slushie would be right up my alley.

The grape slushie reminds me of a grape laffy taffy, yum! The yellow in the bag is lemon lime and the pink is strawberry watermelon. I don’t like strawberry flavoring so hopefully Eduardo will eat them!

Alright, that’s the end of this candy haul. I struck out three times so I probably won’t ever buy a bunch of new candy like this again, unless it’s something people like!

If you could only eat one candy for the rest of your life, what would it be? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time! Xx

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