Auction and an iMac : Storytime

Hi! I’m super duper excited to announce that I finally got a desktop computer! Of course, Eduardo has a desktop, and I have a laptop but I don’t like using Eduardo’s desktop because it means that he can’t use it. I don’t have any kind of video editing products on my surface so I have to use Eduardo’s desktop if I want to do anything with videos. Like I said, I don’t like using Eduardo’s desktop so I have all these hours of footage but I never made videos out of anything.

Today was the UNF property auction and they had about fifty 2012 iMacs. I’ve had my eyes on an iMac for some time but had decided they were too expensive and I would settle for a PC…

We went to the auction and I actually managed to get my hands on one of the iMacs! And for less than $350 it was a steal!


Anywho, we got home, set up the computer and I immediately started playing with Final Cut Pro! The video below is from finals week when I was studying for my Public Finance exam. The royalty free music came from bensound! I only worked on this tiny project for an hour or so and I really just wanted to see what I could create with minimal knowledge and I wanted to share it with you guys!

Do you prefer Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere? Do you have any tips or tricks for a newbie like me? Let me know in the comments below!


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