A comedy blog?

Yesterday, I posted about the week before finals and how I’m genuinely freaking out a little bit, and a blogger by the name of Sauce Box commented saying to check out their comedy blog.

A comedy… blog? I know that there are a million different blogging styles and you can certainly put yourself into any genre you want, I mean, I call myself a lifestyle blogger because I can’t pick just one category. But I haven’t seen a blog that is dedicated to being funny and makes me laugh with 99.9% of their posts…

Also, what kinds of things was this person looking up that brought them to me? I’m a lifestyle blogger who blogs about dogs, college, food, movies… okay, I guess literally anything could have brought them to me. So, as I do when anyone even likes a blog post, I stumbled over to his blog to read the most recent posts. I wanted to know what made Sauce Box different… And. I. Died.

I didn’t just read the most recent post, I read all of the posts. I’ll put a tiny disclaimer here, if you’re not into slightly crude humor you won’t find it as charming as I did.

Reading through the first couple, I chuckled. From what I gathered he’s also in college, which explains how he found me. I like longer reads, real life experiences that might be horrifying in the moment but are hilarious later… And his “Hand” dryer anecdote had me in tears I was laughing so hard.

If you’re stressing out, looking for a laugh, head over to Sauce Box and give his posts a read!

Let me know in the comments below where you go to get your laughs!

Until next time! Xx

PS. He has no idea I’m writing this, didn’t ask me to write this. I wrote this because it fits with my content and I like supporting my fellow bloggers. I don’t expect or want anything in return for writing this post. No, I didn’t ask permission first and if he doesn’t like it *shrug*

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