Finals Week : Collegiates

It’s the week before finals… It’s the week of the semester I dread the most. Finals week, for me, is less stressful because when the exam is over it’s over and there’s nothing I can change. But the week before, it’s the week before that I start questioning the choices I’ve been making all semester.

Did I study hard enough? Do I have my formulas memorized? Do I remember what all the acronyms are and what class they coordinate with?

Like I mentioned in my post about the end of the semester, this is not the time to be trying to figure out when your finals are! You should already know! I know when my finals are, when I’m working, where I have time to study, what I need to be studying, what I need to get on my finals to get the grades I’m aiming for… Stress is real and it’s going to happen no matter how prepared you are, but you can alleviate the worst of it by being ready.

Right now, procrastination is my biggest challenge. I need to stop putting off studying. So, this is me, telling you to stop getting distracted and go study for at least the next 10 minutes! I’ll try to do the same… How do you get through finals preparation? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time! Xx

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