Unsubscribing from Marketing E-Mails

This past weekend I decided to take the leap and unsub from (pretty much) all of the marketing emails I receive. I did this because I’m a retail therapy person. I love shopping, and not the directed, I need this so I’m going to buy this kind of shopping, I love mindless shopping. I like falling down an Amazon black hole to find pink and blue elevated dog bowls for the pups… It’s not a very good habit to have.

Before doing this huge purge I was receiving anywhere from 80-100 emails a day. I’m the kind of person who reads every single email that comes through. Recently I’d been noticing that I was receiving duplicate emails, or emails from the same company four or five times a day and I thought that was just absurd.

I went through as the emails came in and made sure that if I hadn’t bought something from the site in the last thirty days I unsubscribed from their mailing list. Most of them were really simple, a few made me log into my account to change my email preferences but didn’t lead me to where I could do that, those were annoying. With the companies that I was receiving multiple emails from a day they made sure to remind me, “It can take 24 hours for your selection to take effect.” The only companies that really made the cut were PetSmart, Ipsy, Fandango, and Hobby Lobby. This didn’t include emails from services like WordPress, Twitter, school/work.

Have I noticed any benefits from doing this… Let’s be honest, I’m still a serial online shopper, but I find myself checking my phone less often because I’m receiving emails less often. I’m liking this change of pace for the moment, I’m sure in a few months the emails will be flowing again. *shrug* What can you do?

Have you ever unsubscribed from marketing emails all at once? Did it make you feel better or not affect you much? Let me know if I’m crazy and leave a comment down below!

Until next time! Xx

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