He’s sick again… : Storytime

If you didn’t read my first update on Mickey’s health problems you can check that out by clicking here. That post ended with us giving him antibiotics, Panacur, and Trifexis.

Since our first week together Mickey’s been so much better, a month ago his fecal test came back negative for everything, he got another booster, the vet said he looked so much better… And then today happened…

A few days ago we noticed Mickey was itching near his junk obsessively. We ignored the behavior. Yesterday, I noticed he was itching really hard and I was worried about fleas. Both of our dogs are on Trifexis which is a heartworm and flea preventative but not all medications work one hundred percent of the time. I checked the dogs, no fleas.


Mickey was due for his last distemper vaccination this week so we would have been bringing him to the vet regardless but this morning Eduardo noticed Mickey had a worm near on his rear, we literally left the house immediately. The vet did a physical and a fecal exam.

And our pupper has tapeworm again! And he has a rash where his hair is growing back so he was gifted with a cone to stop the terrible itching!

We learned that there are multiple kinds of tapeworm and that Panacur only kills one type so his three rounds of Panacur might not have killed his type of tapeworm. Or he ate an infected flea… Where that happened we don’t know but hopefully this new dewormer kills them all and we won’t have to worry about it anymore… Fingers crossed.

*Sigh* Hopefully things will look up at his next vet visit…


Until next time! Xx

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