Chick-Fil-A Copycat (?) : Noms

Hi guys! Yesterday morning we were sitting outside, taking pictures of the pups, and we started talking about breakfast…

Eduardo’s 21st birthday is coming up so we’re trying to pinch pennies wherever we can, that means eating exclusively at home. He said he wanted a chicken biscuit and I said I wanted chicken nuggets (yum!) but we both knew it was a joke as we can’t go out to eat. But then I remembered we had some thawed chicken in the fridge, last week I made some super bomb Parmesan crusted chicken, and I’ve seen a couple of Chick-Fil-A copycat recipes floating around… Hmm, whatever could I do?

I took to Google and we didn’t have much time to waste so I clicked the first search result and started to cook!

The recipe came from Damn Delicious : Simple Ingredients, Elegant Dishes and it is titled the Copycat Chick-Fil-A Sandwich. I know that the breakfast chicken is technically different than the lunch chicken at CFA, or so they say (I worked at a CFA and I don’t really know the difference) but I didn’t really care.

We tried three different breading styles, first we put the chicken in the milk mixture, then the flour, and straight to the pan. The second batch we double dipped, so milk, flour, milk, flour, pan. Both of these batches came out kind of nasty…


And then I followed her instructions, (I did keep the milk mixture in a dish) I put the flour in a container, added the chicken, and shook it up. This method produced the best results!

We followed all of her instructions to a T, adding sugar to the flour, salt and pepper to taste, draining the marinade, everything… I think that our chicken came out looking like hers so I was pretty proud of myself.

The really pale looking pieces were from the first batch, the oil was definitely not hot enough!

We cooked the chicken for closer to 8-10 minutes total, even though she recommended only 4-5 minutes (at 4-5 minutes in the pan the chicken may have been cooked through but it was soggy and pale). Once it was all cooked up we put it to the test…

Not even close.

The ‘burnt’ looking bits were chunks of flour that fell off the first batch and stuck to this piece, and even being that dark the chicken wasn’t crispy…

When you try a copycat recipe you kind of have to accept that what you make is not going to taste exactly like whatever it is you’re trying to recreate, I had accepted that before even looking up this recipe. This chicken wasn’t crispy or tasty or Chick-Fil-A like at all. *Grumble* And while the chicken was edible, we both eyed our Chick-Fil-A coupons that are sitting on the counter…

Now that I’ve gone down this road I don’t want to stop here, no no, we’re going to keep trying until we get something at least kind of acceptable!

My favorite copycat recipe is the Red Lobster Cheddar Bay biscuits, maybe I’ll post that one someday but it’s not very hard to find! What’s your favorite copycat recipe? Let us know so we can try some new things in the comfort of our own kitchen!

Until next time! Xx

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