Our Family is Growing!

I’m not sure if we have any regular readers but if we do I’m really sorry for being MIA this past week-ish. If you do follow us we try to post every M/W/F and we’re usually pretty good about it… Then things happen and we get off track and I forget to write posts or edit posts and nothing goes up. Argh, the struggle of putting myself on a schedule!

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About two weeks ago I saw a post on Facebook for the Clay County Animal Care and Control(CCACC). They had five bully puppies available to be adopted for $14 (Note: Eduardo and I were not searching based on price). We weren’t exactly looking for a new dog but we have been talking about getting Lucy a brother as she is a very sociable dog.

We talked to Eduardo’s parents and got approved to adopt one of those specific puppies. We called the shelter and found that all of the puppies had already been placed on hold. Instead of giving up right away we looked for puppies anywhere within a hundred miles of us… However, it seemed like a lost cause and we agreed to start our search again when summer starts…

The next morning I started my laptop and the petfinder.com page was already open to puppies in our area. I refreshed the page, simply to see if they had taken down the CCACC puppies and noticed that five new pups were populated on the page. Five black, white, and brown, twelve week old, puppies.

There was only one boy. Immediately, I sent an inquiry about the pup named Boston.


Later that same day the Brantley Animal Rescue Coalition emailed me back letting me know I had to fill out an application that would be screened and then sent to the foster parent, who would further investigate, and then we might be able to set up a meet and greet.

It took me nearly an hour to fill out this application. An application that asked for answers to questions like “What does rescue mean to you?”, my employment information, references… It seemed crazy but I didn’t care. And at midnight, on February 10th, I was sent an email from Boston’s foster mom that explained she had not received any other inquiries. I replied, letting her know we would call the next morning…

We called her so early she wasn’t even awake, but she enthusiastically told us about Boston, about how sweet he is and how he loves to play with his sisters. She said she hadn’t gone over our application in depth but she would call us later with more details.

On Sunday, the 12th, she called and told us that we were officially approved. She would send us some more pictures. We were going to get him three days after he was neutered. On Valentine’s Day she called again, saying that we would meet on Saturday, in Brunswick, GA to get him.

And on Saturday, February 18th, we picked up the pup she said wasn’t actually named Boston (Fine by us, we intended to change his name regardless). He was in the field, playing with one of his sisters, when we saw him for the first time. If you’ve never anticipated something this big I don’t know how to describe what I was feeling.

Nervous – What if he didn’t like us? What if his foster mom was rude? What if he was mean?

Excited – We were finally going to see the puppy we had been wound up about for over a week.

And when I tell you he was perfect, I mean he was perfect. He ran over to us and let us pet him, gave us kisses… Seriously, we could not have been happier. And while I’ll give it to him, his mug shot is nice, he’s much cuter in person.

Meet Mickey, our newest rescue!


I wanted to keep this post really positive because getting Mickey will be the highlight of this year, no matter what else happens, but it’s not all sunshine and roses. Look out for some updates on our journey with this rescue.

Until next time – Xx

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