Target Beauty Box : February 2017

The Target beauty box is still available, go grab it while you still can! (As of 2/12/17 @ 10:30pm) If you’re as impatient as I am I’ll leave a link right about here… Target Beauty Box.

I ordered my box on Monday, January 30th and I received it yesterday, February 8th. The boxes generally get released on the first Monday of the month, if the first of the month falls in the middle of the week then the box is technically released in the previous month. I know, I know, it’s not all that straight forward and I’m still not on an even footing… Oh well.

The beauty box this month cost me $10 but there is currently a sale where it is running for $7. The theme is Hello Hydration, something I normally don’t think or care much about. I have about ten thousand (only a slight exaggeration) skin moisturizers and hair products that will moisturize so I wasn’t too hyped about what I was going to get but I did try not to be too quick to judge… We’ll see.


First product up to bat is a face soap (but isn’t all soap face soap once you put it on your face?). I like dedicated facial soaps but I don’t usually find that any one works better than any other so I’m willing to use all of the samples I get, this won’t be any different. I’m actually really lucky this came because I just ran out of the sample I’ve been using. I don’t know much about Soap and Glory, I’ve never owned any of their products, but I’m sure I’ll use this!


A few months ago I got a Dove care and repair shampoo and conditioner sample. I’ve already used all of that up and it made my hair super greasy so I won’t be purchasing the fill size, unfortunately. But this means that I am excited to try this Shwarzkopf ultimate repair shampoo and condition. After bleaching my hair back in October I need all the repairing power I can get. [I actually used this the past few days and it’s nothing special, I have noticed my hair getting oily really fast lately but what can you do?]


Lately my Bath and Body Works body wash has left me feeling icky, I don’t know if it’s just a bad formula or if my skin isn’t happy or what. I don’t like Dove body wash because it always makes me feel like there’s a film on my skin so I will definitely be putting this Raw Sugar coconut and mango to good use. [I’ve also been using this the last few days and it leaves my skin feeling oily, like I rubbed a solid oil on it and then tried to rinse with just water… I know that sounds weird but that’s the only thing I can think of.]


And then there’s this Sun Bum self tanning towelette. I’m not sure what I could possibly use one of these for but uh, cool, I guess. These retail at $15.99 for a pack of five.


I’m not usually about masks because I’m lazy and I don’t ever remember when to do it again. I like doing them occasionally when I have them and I’m bored and this Masque Bar hydrating peel off mask wasn’t any different. I usually think that I have oily skin but this mask make my skin feel so soft after that I almost think I might have dry skin… Sometimes I wonder how I’m supposed to know. Unlike some of the reviews on the Target site I didn’t find this too difficult to peel off or painful at all. I was at my local Target yesterday and saw this mask on the shelf, about $3.50 and I said absolutely not. For that price I’ll go buy Boscia from Sephora.


W3ll People is a brand I’ve received before, last time it was a cream highlight, this is their mascara. It retails for $21.99 at Target and I honestly have no feedback yet, I didn’t even open it because I don’t want it to dry out before I get around to using it.


Last, but certainly not least, is the L’Oreal Skin Expert Pure-Clay masks! If you’re like me and you stalk beauty gurus on their social media then you’ve seen the really awesome clay PR packages they received. I’ve been super excited to at least try out one of these masks and I got all three! I tried the green one, to purify and matify and I was pretty happy after everything was said and done. I don’t know how I feel about these rinse off masks but I’ll definitely be giving the other two a shot. The green one retails for $12.99.

I’m pretty psyched about everything I got to try in my Target box this month!

Until next time – Xx

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