Procrastination : Collegiates

This is me, creating dependability to try not to procrastinate…

When I was in high school I learned that procrastination is more than just putting things off, it is a true art form. You have to delicately prioritize each and every second while also making sure you do absolutely nothing of importance. I mastered procrastination like it was nobody’s business and to this day I find myself falling into the trap of doing nothing until I absolutely have to do something.

It’s hard for me to plan things because once I create a deadline, even a self imposed one, I will put off doing that task until the last second…


Exhibit A : Last Friday I had a five to ten page paper due along with a twenty minute presentation to give. I had the materials to start both things two weeks before. I had every intention of creating my presentation on Tuesday and then writing the paper on Wednesday and Thursday. Did I do this? Nope. Instead, I didn’t start either assignment until Thursday evening and stayed up until four in the morning to finish.

Exhibit B : I am a planner fanatic. I like planning my life in several different formats. I like knowing when I need to get something done. When bullet journaling entered my life I was floored. I could organize in any way I wanted, create my own layouts and then change those layouts when necessary. I have consistently been bullet journaling for the past six or so months. I bought a travel tripod for my desk, some new lights, and had plans to film a “plan with me” type of video. I wanted the first one to be of February. I still don’t have a February layout. I have never planned the month after the month started. I lost deadlines, forgot exam dates and realized I just need to plan the month and put off filming until March, I can’t procrastinate anymore.

Exhibit C : I needed an oil change like three weeks ago, I put it off until the day before we were going to Orlando.

Exhibit D : This blog post. I like posting M/W/F but putting those deadlines on myself is not helping my tendency to put things off. And there’s no consequences if I don’t post on time so…

Procrastinating is something I experience in every aspect of my life. I won’t say that I enjoy procrastinating or that I actively do it but I understand the behavior. So, when I notice that things are starting to get out of hand I make sure that I create dependability. I set reminders on my phone and write down the task that needs to get done in multiple places. I try to make the task as fun and easy as it can be so I don’t feel overwhelmed when I sit down to do whatever it is.

Pushing everything off might work sometimes but it’s not conducive to a happy, healthy lifestyle. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who can’t relate to the procrastination struggle which is honestly why I think so many of us do it. Like I said, this is me, admitting that I belong in the procrastinator club but that I’m willing to try to escape the black hole.

Until next time – Xx

4 thoughts on “Procrastination : Collegiates

  1. Oh my gosh, YES! I’m an Olympic procrastinator too…(funny, I don’t remember seeing you at the Procrastination Olympics! LOL). Like, I’m not even gonna deny it…
    I’ll be starting college in a few months, and I know it’s a bad habit I’m gonna have to get rid of before then… wish me luck…Hahaha!
    Thanks for writing this! AND for the follow as well 🙂 I look forward to reading more of your posts 🙂
    *fist bump*

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