What We Order at Starbucks!

Alright, alright, I know, Starbucks isn’t that exciting but I find myself talking about Starbucks quite often as a conversation starter. Starbucks is what keeps me running when everything else is encouraging me to stop. Between classes I order online, pick up my drink, and keep going. I like talking about coffee because it’s something that I have in common with the majority of my classmates. I like hearing about what they like to order because we all have our own tips and tricks to getting the perfect drink.img_20160830_094014
When I go to Starbucks I’m in the mood for one of three things :

For a sweet treat I get a white mocha with half toffee nut syrup and half white mocha. I think that both syrups are super sweet so I don’t want to add any syrup to the drink. The toffee nut is a just like it sounds, sweet and nutty. I’ll order this cold or hot depending on the weather. How I order this : “Can I get a grande white mocha with half toffee nut and half white mocha?” And if the barista asks if I want extra syrup I just explain, “Instead of four white mocha can I just get two toffee nut and two white mocha?”

For something chocolate-y I’m all about a caramel mocha. Nope, this one isn’t on the menu either so sometimes I get a hard time from the barista. Sometimes when I order this drink they don’t question it and I’m not really sure what all goes in the cup. When they ask for clarification here’s how I order : “Could I get two pumps of caramel and caramel drizzle in the cup?” I always get this iced but that’s because I don’t like the caramel drizzle to melt.

For a kick I go for a java chip frappuchino with an extra shot of expresso. I like that the chocolate in this drink keeps the actual coffee from being overly bitter but it’s easy for me to drink in short period of time. This one’s the most straight forward but if you’re ever nervous about getting an add on I order like this : “Can I get a grande java chip frappuchino with an extra shot?”

Eduardo’s much more simple than I am, he’s an iced caramel macchiato kind of guy. Milk, expresso, caramel, can’t go wrong there.

Of course there are different seasonal beverages I love to get but I like keeping them in their respective seasons. A peppermint mocha just isn’t a drink I want to have in the middle of summer.

So, what’s your favorite Starbucks drink? Let us know so we can try something new!

Until next time – Xx

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