Our Website : Storytime

First, go look at your URL if you’re not here in your WordPress reader and you might notice that we are no longer teamsantanablog.wordpress.com. *cue the excited dancing*

We bought teamsantana.com when we first had the idea to start blogging on a regular basis but we weren’t quite ready to commit to the $99 charge for WordPress Premium. A week ago teamsantana.com had a picture of a waffle and a test post that literally said ‘test post.’

(If you didn’t already know I’m going to throw a pro tip in here : It can take up to three days for your website to configure once you link your URL with your account, and for those three days your website is not viewable, at all. We learned this the hard way.)

We’re still learning what makes WordPress Premium so much better than the basic version but even just having our URL is life changing. Before, I never wanted to tell people about the blog because then they would say ‘What’s the website?’ and I would have to awkwardly say our long wordpress site. Now, I want to ask everyone I talk to :

“Have you checked out teamsantana.com?”


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