Ipsy : January 2017

It’s Ipsy time!

Alright, let’s sum up Ipsy in two sentences or less… Ipsy is a ten dollar subscription service. You pay on the first of the month for a makeup bag and five deluxe product samples. Whoo, that was easier than I thought.

Now my scoring system in two sentences or less… If the products that I will use value over ten dollars I call the bag a win. If I have three losses in a row I’m going to cancel my subscription. Again, easier than I thought.

The theme this month is Metropolis.


I wasn’t a fan of the December bag and I’m equally unimpressed by this month’s bag. On Ipsy’s website the bag looked like one silver bag with black dots. There are actually two layers to the bag. The inside is a cheap gray nylon kind of material and the outside is a the same shade of gray but a neoprene kind of material. The bag looks and feels like it’s going to fall apart.

The first product, it wasn’t actually in the bag, were two face masks. The two sheet masks came from Sally’s Box, they are Loverecipe masks, in Aloe and Acai Berry. They’re k-beauty products and I couldn’t find anywhere to actually purchase them. I did kind of like that there were two because we both got to do some. I wasn’t actually impressed with the masks and I give them zero value.


And next is a nail polish. If you don’t know how I feel about nail polish, let me tell you. I don’t like it. I would rather go out and actually purchase a polish in a shade I know I’ll like. This is Pretty Woman in I’m Not A Ballerina. It retails for $7.99 and it’s not exactly pale pink, it’s more like a true ballerina pink. I’m not overly impressed, I already have a pale pink polish, and I probably won’t be using it. No value added to this month.


We’re still at zero dollars for the January bag and I’m not all that disappointed. These products aren’t bad, they’re just not products I’ll enjoy. The third product is another one that I’m just so… UGH about. The Balm. I do not like The Balm. I don’t like the cardboard packaging. I have yet to enjoy any of the shades I’ve received. I don’t like the names of the products or their gimmicks. It’s entirely personal preference and I’m really tired of getting their sh*t samples. This is the Bahama Mama bronzer/contour powder/eye shadow, yes they do actually advertise it as being all of those things, and it retails for $20. It swatched with a very orange tone. This sample gives no value to this bag. It actually detracts from the bag, I am that opposed to these samples.

Can I give a bag negative value? I mean it’s my scoring system so I suppose the answer is yes, but I feel bad about that so we’re just at zero… Alright, I normally love getting brushes in these bags because they’re usually super soft and I like that I have almost a full collection of brushes just from these subscriptions… But, and I know I’m really just being super negative and I’m sorry, this brush is cheap sh*t, like a play makeup brush. From Beaute Basics this is a contour brush, they don’t sell it on their website. A few of the bristles fell out while I was taking pictures and it’s not soft. And again for the people in the back, zero value.

Alright, alright, I’m sorry that I couldn’t find anything great to say about this bag and we’re back to another great product that I won’t be able to use. Naked Cosmetics loose pigment in Desert Sunset #02 that retails for $14.99. It’s an amazingly beautiful rose gold color that I fell head over heels for…

However, I can’t find an ingredients list and I have a weird sensitivity to metallic pigments. I’m usually afraid to use new metallic pigments so I’m going to be extremely cautious using this product. I’m going to give it a $7.50 value. So while this bag isn’t a complete loss, it’s not a win either… Oh well. I’m not giving up that easy. Until next month – Xx.

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