Limited Edition Toll House Cookie Dough : Noms

We were wandering around our local Wal-Mart, doing our weekly grocery shopping when, all of a sudden, BAM! Blueberry lemon and Strawberry shortcake cookies from Nestle Toll House. They were in the cart only moments later.

Chocolate chip cookies are kind of my thing, homemade or prepackaged dough, they’re my favorite and I generally don’t stray too far from my comfort zone when it comes to cookies. We didn’t know what exactly we were expecting but we figured we would try these ‘Limited Edition’ cookies. Right out of the package I was super skeptical, they were oozing sticky jelly (my least favorite substance on the face of the planet)…


I was extremely confused as to how the jelly stuff was going to stay inside the dough and not seep outside onto the cookie sheet but somehow it worked. Immediately taking them out of the oven the blueberry ones looked exactly as pictured. There was no explosion of jelly in the oven so I was pleasantly surprised! The strawberry shortcake cookies were very flat, crispy on the edges, and a little mangled. I think that it’s because of the white chocolate chips in the dough but I’m not a baking expert.

Both cookies were overly sweet, not really what we normally go for. And neither of these are milk kind of cookies, more like the kind of cookie you eat while you drink black tea.¬†Overall, we really enjoyed the blueberry lemon cookies for what they were but we probably won’t purchase them again.

Until next time – Xx

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