Jon Bellion : Obsessed

This is the first of a new series/thread/category whatever I’ve been toying with in my brain. I get hooked on things pretty easily and then for weeks on end I can’t get whatever it is out of my life for more than a day. So I thought I would start sharing some of the things I become crazy obsessed with!

Every time I get crazy over something I think about starting this category of posts but by the time I get ready to write about it I’m kind of bored with whatever the thing is… But not this, The Human Condition by Jon Bellion is my sh*t right now.

If you watched Jenna Marbles’ vlogf*ck you saw her and Julien talk about dancing with their hands, they posted a video on Julien’s vlog channel called The Otter Hand Dance with Jon Bellion’s Guillotine. I liked that song but I didn’t really look up anything about it.

If you’re an old school radio listener (the aux port in my car is sh*t) then you’ve probably heard All Time Low a few times. I get that song stuck in my head all the time so I finally looked it up and proceeded to listen to All Time Low for hours. Literally, hours. Just that one song. The next day I figured I would listen to the whole album and found the Otter Hand Dance song was by the same guy this random pop song was by.

There’s not really one genre I would categorize this album as and I think that’s what makes it interesting to listen to. I feel like Jon Bellion poured himself in this album and that’s really cool. If you don’t know what I mean by that I can try to explain it… There’s a difference between creating art for money and creating art because it’s who you are. Anyone can sit down and learn how to make music, we can all learn how to write a hook, build a bridge, hype a chorus, it’s not rocket science. Some people don’t have to learn how to do it, they just do it. I feel like Jon Bellion is one of those people who can create art by breathing.

For the past two weeks or so The Human Condition has been on constant repeat everywhere I go. We pay for Google Music so I listen to it there but you can buy it on iTunes by clicking on this link ($6.99).

My favorite songs are All Time Low, Woke the F*ck Up, and Morning in America, go check out The Human Condition and let me know what your favorite song is!

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