Target Beauty Box : December 2016

Oh my gosh, Christmas has already come and gone and I’m still reeling. Anyone else find it hard to believe that New Year’s is literally this week?

Anywho, through the madness our Target boxes got delayed and we just got them early last week. I like to keep the subscription boxes for about a week before posting the review just so I can see which products I actually pick up and put to use first. This month, Target had two boxes, one for him and one for her. Naturally, I got both!

His box was seven dollars and hers was ten, the Target boxes range anywhere from five to ten dollars month to month. You also get a three dollar coupon off any fifteen dollar health and beauty purchase in the box.

I’m going to start with the box for her! The theme for this month was “Merry and Bright” so I’m assuming I’ll be getting some moisturizer or highlighter, mostly skin care, maybe a few makeup things… Let’s see if I’m right at all… (Side note : Target does list all of the products that are in the box on the beauty box page, I don’t ever check)


Uhhh, do you see what I see?! A makeup bag!? Yes! This makeup bag is a pretty good size, bigger than Ipsy bags. I’m really happy because I love makeup bags, I don’t only use them for makeup and I can never seem to have enough. This one is black and white with a pink interior, I’m already loving this!


The next product that I actually already put to the test is the Almay oil-free eye makeup remover pads, I think there were fifteen in the sample and I’ve only used one. When I first pulled them out I thought, meh. But I couldn’t find a face wash the other day and I desperately needed to get my makeup off so I grabbed these, and they worked incredibly! Color me impressed. They are $4.97 for 80!


And up next is three, not one, not two, but three moisturizers. While they are all different, they are also the same. Nivea soft moisturizing creme, I like that this is small and I can stick it in my purse. Firming DMAE moisturizer, I have another sample from DMAE that I haven’t touched, this one probably faces the same fate. And (okay I guess it’s not a moisturizer…) the La Roche-Posay tinted sunscreen, this product is not tinted, like at all, and it doesn’t smell very good. Overall, I’m indifferent to these three.

Then we have the Tresemme beauty-full volume pre-wash conditioner and shampoo. These are labeled ‘New’ but you never really know how new something actually is. I’ve never seen these before but I also only discovered the Tresemme keratin line earlier this year (I use all of those products). I’m excited to give these a whirl.


The last two items in the box are complete throw aways, I won’t even bother passing them on. The Goody hairband refuses to stay in place on my head, and not just the Goody one, but any of these elastic hair bands. Too bad for me. And this CoverGirl outlast all day lip color… No. Just. No. I thought… Alright, quick little anecdote. I’ve been looking for a neutral, more brown, lip color, so I thought that while this might not be my every day go-to I might be able to pull it off, or at least try the formula for another shade. NO! This beyond dried my lips out and I could not get the color off my face to save my life. Do not waste any amount of money on that! Don’t say you weren’t warned!

That’s the end of the “Her” box, I’m not entirely disappointed and I’ll definitely be picking up the one for January!

And onto the “His” box. The theme was “Festive Fella” and I’m really excited.

For seven dollars I’m not expecting much and I’ll probably be lumping most of these products together because we haven’t really used any of it, or it’s things we already have…

All three of these are products that Eduardo already has and uses. The Dove men + care is really great. I can’t stand strongly scented men’s body washes, this one is just subtle enough that I can breath even after he just finished in the shower. The Old Spice deodorant is a must, he hasn’t used much else in a few months at least, and the Swagger body wash… It’ll go on vacay with us but it won’t see much action at home.

The Gillette fusion shaving cream is cool for me. I don’t waste my money on shaving cream but I’ll use it if we have it, and he doesn’t shave his face so he won’t use it. The Every Man Jack will be used but probably not repurchased (it doesn’t smell horrible). And Gold Bond body powder, between the trips to Disney and days on the beach this will get used between the two of us!

And the last things will not see the light of day in our house. I exclusively use the Crest super whitening toothpaste. I thought it wouldn’t make a difference but when I pay attention, it works. And this Nautica Voyage Sport, maybe more affordable than Hugo Boss, but not my favorite. This cologne might make it into a travel bag for when Hugo can’t make it on the trip.

At the end of the day it was super fun for us to open these boxes together and I wish more companies did things like this! The next box should be up on Monday (1/2/2017) so keep an eye out! Until next time Xx

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