Ipsy : December 2016

Ipsy has got me so hyped, the past two months were amazing, check them out by clicking on this or that. And the Instagram ads this month had me anxiously waiting!


If you don’t know, Ipsy is $10 per month. You get five deluxe beauty samples shipped straight to you. They say samples, but there’s usually a good mix of full sized and sample sized products. I love the amount of product I get each and every month!

Each month you get an Ipsy mailer, they’re foiled metallic pink envelopes so you know exactly what to expect inside.


Each month there is a theme, this month we are going to Carpe PM! (I took Latin in high school so this one stabs at the soul a little bit) I love the themes each month and that Ipsy creators, curators, and influencers are always featured in the themed photo shoots. I follow most of them on either instagram or youtube and I love knowing that I can trust their opinions.


The idea of the bag this month was that it could double as a wrist wallet/clutch thing. While it’s an extremely cute idea I don’t know how I feel about this plastic-y faux fur thing going on, I think I read somewhere that it’s supposed to be inspired by velvet… Umm, not my cup of tea. But the October bag was so cute I’ll overlook this subpar one.


I like comparing the cost of the items to the cost of the service (in this case, $10). If the bag is something I can see myself using again in the future I value it around five dollars, I’m always reaching for makeup bags and mid range ones at Walmart are usually around the three to five dollar mark. After evaluating the bag as a thumbs down I moved onto the goodies inside.

The first product I had to grab was this NYX Prismatic shadow in Bedroom Eyes. At first I was like eh, and then I was like YEAH. This shadow is super soft and buttery, I actually had to check to make sure it wasn’t a cream. Yes, it’s that soft. It’s the perfect shade of bronzy gold that I love and use constantly! These retail for $6 and it’s a full size product.


And the next one is this Aurora cosmetics liquid liner in Blackberry. I thought it was going to be like a deep purple color, but it’s just black, a little misleading. Every time I’ve gotten liquid liners before I usually give them their full dollar value just because I tell myself I’ll use them. I never do. These retail for $12, I’ll give it a value of $3 for my own personal use, because I probably won’t ever use it. I like the idea of liquid liners, lord knows I’ve got enough of them, I just never use them…


So, there’s this idea that if you think about something hard enough it will come into your life. I have been wishing for a lip treatment for the past month or so, I just keep forgetting to pick one up or look for one, and the ones I have seen are just not worth the money. I think that I thought about getting a lip treatment so hard I manifested this one. Lip products that are not color do not get sent to me, ever. Hanalei’s lip treatment retails at $20 for the full size, I’m not sure how big this sample is (I’m not at home looking at it) but this is kind of priceless to me at the moment, fingers crossed it gets the job done.

I love getting brushes in my subscription boxes. I like that I have not had to go out and purchase a full set of brushes because I have such a wide selection to choose from. I was actually kind of surprised I didn’t get another eye brush, and instead it’s a concealer brush. I’m willing to give anything a shot, this is no different. Beau Gachis -Paris- concealer brush retails for $16, good golly miss molly, that’s too much. Beau Gachis also has a beauty blender lookalike that I received a few months back (it’s still sitting on my vanity, untouched).


In pretty much every bag there’s a big ticket item, either a big brand or super pricey product, this month it was the Tarte glossy lip paint in wcw, it’s a deep berry color perfect for the season. While I’m kind of excited I just bought a lip gloss paint thing from Stila that I’m not too happy about, liquid lipstick is really where it’s at for me. These retail for $20, this deluxe sample is probably about half the size so maybe around $10. Not bad.

All in all, this month was definitely a win. I’m pleased with all the products I got (I’m actually going to keep them all!) and I’m not regretting saying goodbye Birchbox.

Until next time Xx.


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