Holiday Haul

Decorating for the holidays makes me want to pursue a career in interior design… Anyone else feel this way?

I decorated hardcore for the fall/halloween season, I had hay bales and pumpkins and creepy lights and candy and broomsticks… The whole nine yards. This past weekend I went shopping to decorate for Christmas/New Year’s/winter. I like my things to be seasonal, not necessarily holiday specific, so they can last a while.

First, I went to my local Walmart to price check, and see if there was anything in particular I would want/need. Of course, I found an FSU Elf on the Shelf!

We need stockings, so I checked those out. I don’t remember how much the stockings were but I wasn’t overly impressed by any of them. I thought the mustache one was cute but it’s not really what I was looking for…



I also found these disgusting looking tic-tacs. Why would you ever make Apple Pie tic-tacs? Of course, I bought one of the Apple Pie kind and one of the Candy Cane kind. Eduardo likes mints so he’ll eat the candy cane ones. The apple pie one tasted like a candle. Yes, a candle. Go try them if you don’t believe me.


I bought a few things at the first Walmart, mostly candy because I know it’ll be more expensive at Target. I fill candy jars every season, with seasonally appropriate candy, we never eat it all but I like having it, it makes me feel fancy. I also made my siblings candy baskets this year just to have in their rooms.

After Walmart I went to Target where I looked at more stockings and candy… I really like this Mickey and Minnie stocking pair but they didn’t have any other Disney characters in a similar style. My family has had the same stockings for what feels like a decade and I want our stockings to last us just as long too, that means when we have kids we’ll need to add to it. I ended up getting red and white knit stockings that I forgot to take a picture of… They’ll be in my holiday decor post though!

I got these super adorable “indulgent trail mix” blends, they were 3 for $5, I got Rudolph’s Mix for Eduardo, Jingle Blend for me, and I got the roasted cashews for a snack, haha. I also picked up these chocolate confections, they definitely feel gourmet. I snagged Cookie Butter, More S’mores, and Cookie Dough. The best one was definitely Cooke Butter! The picture on the far right is of some wall decals I nabbed, they were $5, they’re gold trees, or multi-headed arrows depending on how you look at it, they will also be in my decor post!

The mason jars were intended to hold candy, I also have a peppermint shaped jar from IKEA that I love. The mason jars were 2 for $3 and the cookie cutters were $1 a piece. We have a ton of cookie cutters, we live in a bakery for pete’s sake, but I wanted these ones specifically.

After Target I went back to Walmart to get the things that didn’t quite match up price wise. I wanted a holiday candle… I was sniffing at them and… There was a hair. In the candle. A hair. IN the candle. O.M.G. I didn’t even know what to think… Also, wtf is that doll? What happened to barbies and cabbage patch kids?

So… After being thoroughly horrified by the previous two items I grabbed these mini lights and a spiced orange candle. I didn’t like any of the christmas scented candles at Walmart, which sucks because Bath and Body candles are so expensive, whatever, they’re expensive for a reason!

For the candy stashes for my siblings I got these little containers, they were $1 a piece, a steal. I love them. The tin containers are useful for pens, or candy in this case. The little cardboard containers are definitely less useful year round but they make good catchall containers.

So while that’s probably not actually everything I ended up purchasing it is mostly everything! I like seeing what people buy for their holiday decorating so I figured I would share what I got!

Be on the lookout for my decor post later this week! Xx.

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