Wonder Ball : Stocking Stuffers

How many people honestly remember Wonder Balls? I remember crying and begging my mom and grandparents to buy me the infamous Wonder Ball, filled with candy and stickers and I don’t even know.

They were re-released, filled with candy, not toys, in 2000. I was five at that point so it doesn’t surprise me that I remember wanting them. Earlier this year Frankford re-released the candy ball with a theme. I haven’t seen them until earlier this month, they had a Shopkins theme. They were one dollar at our local Walmart. We picked up two!

The packaging is bright and bubbly, perfect for a fun stocking stuffer! The outside boasts “What flavor will you get!?” The flavors refer to the candy inside, mango, watermelon, cherry, or grape. The candies inside the ball also have Shopkins characters printed on them, which I find super cute!

Inside each box there are limited edition stickers, these ones were Shopkins themed, of course! The ball itself is that plastic-y chocolate you get for the holidays. The little candies definitely pose a chocking hazard to those unable to chew hard candy, they’re hard like sweettarts. I got cherry in my Wonder Ball and Eduardo got Mango, I actually liked the mango one better!

Overall, these are super cute and it was fun opening them! This would be a really fun experience for parents who remember the early Wonder Balls to open with their kids!

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