Birchbox : November 2016

Do, do, do, another beauty subscription post I’m going to pretend I posted at the right time… Forget that it’s technically December by looking at this sleepy puppy for a second :


Birchbox is another monthly subscription service, just like Ipsy, that costs $10 a month. You go to the Birchbox site, you create an account, put in your credit card stuff, fill out a beauty survey, and twiddle your thumbs until your box shows up.

I don’t really like the Birchbox boxes because I have no way to repurpose them… Birchbox Man comes with a box that’s like a drawer, and Ipsy comes with makeup bags that I can either use for makeup or repurpose for other things like pens.

This is my third Birchbox month and *spoiler alert* it was a loser.


The theme of this month is “The Finishing Touch” which implies to me that it should be the little things everyone needs to finish a makeup look, lippies, setting spray, maybe hair spray. I didn’t peek and I didn’t select my sample because the site wouldn’t load for me when I tried.

I’m honestly confused as to what most of these products are or how they matched my profile at all but I’ll try to explain the best I can. It was really hard to get any kind of a good picture of these two products because of the way the print sat on the glass. I thought that maybe one of them was a fragrance but nope, they’re both beauty oils. I can understand why I would get a beauty oil, I don’t understand why I got two… I get that they serve different purposes or whatever but in my profile I know that it says I have oily skin and oily hair… Why would I want to add more oil…?

Those are just a total miss for me, which I would be fine with if the rest of the box was awesome… Unfortunately it went the same the whole box. This is an eyebrow pencil from Chella. I don’t know why I got this… I rarely use brow products, literally the only thing I use is my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz but I’m not obsessed with my brows like most of the beauty community. I mean, I guess that they sent it because I said I try new things, I don’t know… Maybe my mom needs a new brow pencil?

Alright, I have a bone to pick with Birchbox, I understand that I only pay ten dollars, I understand that these are ‘samples’ but come on. I forgot to take a picture for size comparison but if you’ve seen a YouTube review of Birchbox then you’ve seen these tiny *ss samples they try to pass off as legit. NO. Not legit. Dr. Lipp miracle balm. My sister like lip balms, I’ll put this in her stocking.


And then last but not least the Marcelle lumi power 3 in 1 eye cream something or other. As you can probably tell I’m already just unhappy and I’m not excited about this. I’m fully aware of the fact that I’m 21 and collagen production changes around 20/25 so I try to keep to a regular skin care cycle, that means not throwing in random products. Again, my mom might like a new anti-aging eye cream thing.


All in all I was pretty disappointed this month, last month… My overall Birchbox experience wasn’t really a good one. I intend to post about the whole thing. Until next time. Xx.

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