Black Friday (2k16) : Storytime

Let’s. Get. Pumped.

that is pretty much my motto every single Black Friday since the first time I did it in eighth grade… I think…

So, Black Friday is pretty much my sh*t. I’m not a big fan of shopping, unless it means I’m purchasing craft supplies, kitchen tools, or I’m getting myself a boss *ss deal on some makeup/clothing. Black Friday is only the best accumulation of all of those things, so I’m all about it.

I start planning for Black Friday months in advance. I start a savings fund, I start making lists, when you see those crazy women who are standing around Wal-Mart at two am for tupperware, that’s me… The only thing is that I’ve been doing this every year since I was like 16, you don’t see many 16 year olds running around without their parents on Black Friday.

Anywho, this year we were after a minimal amount of clothes, a comforter, Christmas presents, shoes, and kitchen supplies. You know how they say that we all want to make better decisions than our parents, so each generation of a family gets better and better? I mean, maybe that’s not what people say, but it’s what my family says. Anyways, when I was young and we were dirt poor, we had these ugly *ss calico cat printed dishes. Those calico cats have a special place in my heart but they were not cute or classy or anything. So, I’m on a mission to make sure that we have nice things for when we eventually move out. We have things stowed away for the day, and this Black Friday was all about getting some more things for the one day apartment.

Black Friday for us started at noon on Thursday because Belk opened at 4pm. We ate Thanksgiving dinner with my parents on Friday.

Our Thursday started with a rendezvous at my mom’s house so I could do her hair, she could play with my makeup, we could figure out who was going where and I could shape up my brother’s eyebrows. Yes, that seems weird, but he’s got the bushiest brows, he’s a really hairy person, like rivals Eduardo, he’s so hairy… He really hates them but won’t go get them waxed, so I brought my brow shaper and I think I did a pretty good job if I do say so myself.


The first thing we got we actually bought online, we got two comforters, they’re sherpa on one side and mink on the other side. They’re super soft and beautiful, we got one last year and this year we bought another one for us and one for my parents for Christmas. They’re normally around $200 a piece and we got two of them for $134. Bruh. Yes! (Also, I did do that wall treatment myself)


I got some bras, because you know that bras are pricey as h*ll, for $14.99 at Belk. And Eduardo got three, three pairs, not one, three. He got three pairs of Haggar relaxed fit pants for $65. No joke. They’re $65 a piece normally. We got my sister a pair of boots for Christmas, they were $24.99, I have no idea what they normally retail, they were an impulse buy. We also got pillows at Belk, they had a set of two Nautica (or something like that) pillows for $11.99, we got two pairs, four pillows total.

After this stupid sh*t we went to Wal-Mart, the sale started at 6pm, there was like no parking even at 5:30pm. I’ll just put the pictures, with what I think of what we got, and the price we got it for…


This set of dinnerware was actually the first thing on my list. Yes, I know, it’s from Walmart so the quality is not going to be super great, but we really just need something to get us in and out of our first apartment. This set has all square plates and bowls which we were really into, we also looked at a pricier set at Belk but the square design really grabbed our attention. We got this set for $33.


These movies were definitely an impulse buy, they were $1.96 a piece. I have four kid cousins who I know probably already have most of these movies but it’s something fun and cute to throw in their Christmas boxes. (Except The Heat, that’s for my collection, lol)


I never had a griddle as a kid, they were a luxury item that only fancy, rich people had so even though we only paid $9.76 for this Black and Decker griddle, it’ll make me happy when it has a home in a cupboard.


If you don’t already know, Eduardo lived his first three years in Cuba and he grew up entirely with his Cuban family here in America. He hasn’t played most of the games that I played when I was a kid so I’m always on a mission to make sure he experiences all of the fun things. These games were $4.88 a piece.


Every Black Friday, without fail, I buy a set of tupperware. In my house growing up, we were always missing lids or bowls and my mom would get really upset, so my first few Black Friday’s I bought them for her house, now I use them, or in this case we stash them in the closet. They were $7.60 per set, and do you see that pretty blue color? I’m obsessed.

We got a set of baking glassware and mixing bowls because I’m really anxious about moving into an apartment and not having basic necessities. The baking glass set was $19 and the ‘prep and store’ set was $9.76.

Usually, I buy our bathroom things, like the shower curtain, from Burlington because they’re nice but cheap. However, cheap means like $25, by the time we’re in an apartment and everything I don’t know how much disposable income we’ll have to spend on things like that so I picked up a shower curtain set ($5) and a rug ($3.50) just in case.


Alright, so pots and pans are a big deal to me. My parents constantly buy the t-fal set of pots and pans for $100… They are also constantly b*tching about how much they hate their pots and pans because they don’t heat evenly, they’re hard to clean, etc. So I have promised myself I will never have the t-fal pots and pans… There were some nice sets at Belk and JCP but I’m kind of in love with this Pioneer Woman set. It comes with mixing utensils (another necessity we will need), measuring cups, and so many options for pots and pans. It was only $89, I think that’s a steal and I’m really excited to use these.


The last thing we picked up at Walmart (again, on impulse) was this giant bear, $20. My sister is a junior in an IB program, I remember how many times I was coming home after completely bombing an oral exam and this would have been so comforting. It’s a therapy tool more than anything.

On Friday morning we went to Petsmart and picked up some dog food, because Lucy is no longer a puppy, she turned one on the 25th (allegedly), and we’re upgrading her from her Simply Nourish puppy food to Simply Nourish Source adult food. Her food runs for $48.99 (or something along those lines) it’s expensive but not as expensive as a hefty medical bill. We also got a sweater for our clothes wearing cat, my mom’s cat Punkin (Not Pumpkin) loves wearing clothes, and a sweater for Lucy, purely for picture purposes. We also got Lucy a reflective vest just because it has been getting chilly and we keep the house cold.

We ate traditional Thanksgiving food, and the girls also got some turkey, carrots, and mashed potatoes. Yes, my sister is pouring her Starbucks into a plastic wine glass, we’re fancy b*tches, she’s learned from the best.

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