Dropping a class! : Collegiates

I started this semester taking six classes. So six classes at three credit hours per class put me at eighteen credit hours, for anyone who doesn’t know, the recommended is twelve. I’m ambitious and I quit my third job and I really want to be out of school. One of the classes I took is Personal Finance, and I took it as an elective…

Wrong elective to take. First, our professor expected us to just know accounting terms (which I do, as an econ major I had to take some accounting classes) but the class is an elective with no prereqs so you could take it even as an English Lit major. To expect a group of mixed level students to know how to do time-value problems after twenty minutes of lecture is kind of ridiculous. Second, we had three projects to do at the same time, on top of quizzes and exams. All of these projects required us to do research three times a week, record data, and then find all the things, make all the graphs, and no. I have no time for that sh*t.

I’ve dropped two other classes at UNF. The first one was an absolutely ridiculous psych class, that was the class that forced me away from psychology on the college level, the second one was an econ class where my professor was sick and quit teaching so we didn’t have anyone for three weeks and then the professor that replaced him sucked. This is my last drop and I’m not about failing an elective because I don’t have the desire to pour all of my extra time into irrelevant projects.

So, there are a couple of things to consider when you start your classes and when to drop. If you have a scholarship, like I have Florida Bright Futures, when you drop a class you have to pay that scholarship back. Also, make sure you know the drop/withdraw dates because it will get to the point where you cannot drop without taking a hit to your GPA. Another thing, talk to your professor, see if you can recover your grade before withdrawing, you’ve already paid and put in some time. Explain your situation and hope for the best, if they give you a hard time then you didn’t lose anything.

This week is crazy for us with this Sunday being my birthday (21 b*tches) and it being just after midterms so projects are coming left and right so sorry for the late post, but we’ll be back tomorrow!


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